Thinks of a Thoughter is a page where, with the help of the Secret Thoughters, I write articles ranging from movies, TV shows, and video games. Of course, I’m not just reviewing these things, that would get boring pretty fast, instead, there’s a nice mixture of both reviews and editorials where I discuss anything from a company shutting down to the different business practices happening in a certain industry. The point is, I try to keep the nearly daily content on Thinks of a Thoughter interesting and different.

Review Scale:

1-1.75 = Literally The Worst

2-4.75 = Train Wreck

5-5.75 = Average Arnold

6-7 = Blockbuster Rental

7.25-8 = No Ragrets

8.25-8.75 = Really, Really, Really Good

9-9.5 = Amazing

9.75 = The Mighty Ducks Trilogy

10 = Game of The Generation