2018 Most Anticipated Games

Last year there were several articles that were made with the help of the Secret Thoughters. Whether it was breaking down a trailer or using their knowledge of a certain game’s history, the Secret Thoughters have always been a big help. Well, it’s 2018 and it’s time the Thoughters come out from behind the curtain and start talking to the people. Today we come together and discuss the games coming out in 2018 that we’re most excited for. The guys both submitted 3 games they were excited for and I’ll be honest, the Thoughters caught me off guard with some of their choices.

A Way Out

ChrisContinues: Since the first time I played an online game, I’ve always wanted to see someone push co-op games to be more than just one player gets to run through the campaign with his friend but doesn’t actually appear in any cutscenes. A Way Out seems to promise a game that tells the story of two unique characters that, if it delivers, will finally be the type of game I’ve always wanted.


ChrisContinues: Ever since I played Indigo Prophecy as a little kid, Quantic Dreams has been one of my favorite studios. Even when they’ve put out a title that I wasn’t the biggest fan of (Beyond: Two Souls) I could still recognize the talent behind the game. I think what has me most excited about Detroit, besides the concept, I’m a sucker for any story about robots, is that the team at Quantic Dreams has their back against the wall. They know they have to put out a great game and everything shown off so far gives me no reason to think Detroit will be anything less than fantastic.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

ChrisContinues: As the 3D Dragon Ball Z fighting games have, in my opinion, continued to get worse and worse, I’ve begged and prayed for the series to return to its roots and become the great 2D fighter that it’s destined to be. With Dragon Ball FighterZ that wish I had is now a reality. Watching this game in motion feels like I’m watching a moment from the show and though the roster announcements have been admittedly not as exciting as I would hope, it is a fighting game and with fighting games comes DLC. So for now, I’ll just hope that the gameplay is as fun as it looks and that in the future, while somewhat obscure, some of my personal favorite Dragon Ball characters will be announced.


ChrisContinues: Since the announcement of Dreams a few years ago, I’ve been keeping a close eye on any information that released and everything I’ve seen has always left me in awe. The follow up to the Little Big Planet Franchise, developer Media Molecule seems to be delivering on a game that offers an easy-to-use set of tools that will allow players to make the types of games or movies (I told you this game was impressive) that they want. If the player base shows up like I think they will, we’re going to be seeing a lot of amazing things from Dreams.

God of War

Secret Thoughter M: This is a series that I have played for countless years on and off. One of the most memorable moments in my gaming life is running down and chasing gods, killing them with no mercy and feeling the most power I have ever felt in a video game. I truly felt like a god. With high scores under its belt, it is hard to believe that this game will do anything less than its predecessors, and to top it off, the idea of playing an older, Father version of Kratos and seeing where the world has gone from the vanquishing in the last game, I would be surprised if any fans of the game leave this title on the shelf.

 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

ChrisContinues: Of all the games being discussed, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the one game that most people reading this have probably never heard of. A Kickstarter game from a new developer, scary I know, Kingdom Come is essentially an Elder Scrolls game like Skyrim or Oblivion if it took place in the real world. In other words, no magic. And when I say the game takes place in the real world, I mean the story takes place in historically accurate 15th Century Europe. The only thing fictional about the game’s story is its main character, the son of a blacksmith trying to find his place in the world. Will he be evil, noble, violent, strategic? From the videos I’ve watched, there seem to be multiple ways to approach each quest giving the each player’s play through a unique feel. With the next Elder Scrolls nowhere in sight, Kingdom Come: Deliverance seems to be the next best thing.

 Kingdom Hearts 3

Secret Thoughter M: Another heavy hitter from a long-running series, Kingdom Hearts has pleased me in the past more than most games ever will. This game has been on the workbench for almost a full decade. Whether it is the gameplay, the surprising characters from other titles making an appearance, or the story, Kingdom Hearts is a series that keeps getting more exciting and even difficult. Another aspect to take into consideration as to why I can’t wait to play it is the new properties Disney has acquired and what that might mean for the series. Will there be newer characters? Newer worlds? Newer abilities attached to those characters??? Ah! I’m so excited!!!

Monster Hunter

Also anticipated by ChrisContinues and Secret Thoughter J.

Secret Thoughter M: I can honestly say; this title’s anticipation comes from more personal reasons. Only being released on platforms that I never owned (I stuck with the PlayStation platform post PS2), the Monster Hunter franchise has always had elements I loved most in a game. With the challenging, technical aspect and tactical precision needed to eradicate huge monsters within a free-roaming island, as well as massive customization and stat comparisons with various types of weapons and upgrading, there hasn’t been a title I’ve been more excited to get my hands on. This game is currently preordered and ready for my enjoyment.

Ni No Kuni 2

ChrisContinues: Though some of the key elements for why I loved the original Ni No Kuni will be absent from this upcoming sequel, (seriously, why would you get rid of the Pokemon portion of the game)  developer Level-5 seem to be filling this void with new and really interesting gameplay mechanics. Whether it’s building and managing your own kingdom, controlling your own armies, or the more traditional, up close combat that fans saw in the original Ni No Kuni, there seems to be a lot here for fans to enjoy. While I’m still slightly worried about this sequel not being as great as the original, I’m hopeful for, at the very least, a good game and with my expectations slightly lowered, there’s an opportunity for Ni No Kuni 2 to surprise me and end up as one of my favorite games of the year.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Also anticipated by ChrisContinues

Secret Thoughter J:

If you’ve played Red Dead Redemption and have seen the trailer for the sequel, you can understand the excitement and anticipation this game brings. Don’t want to spoil anyone new to the series, but there are some huge questions that need to be answered in this game. Like Grand Theft Auto? Like the movie Wild Wild West starring arguably the best actor/rapper/movie star/my personal hero Will Smith? Do yourself a favor and play Red Dead Redemption if you haven’t already and get ready for the next one. Tell em J sent ya.

Shenmue 3

Secret Thoughter J: The Shenmue series drew me in when I was younger. Most notably, Shenmue 2 on Xbox. I fell in love with the game and played it for a month straight. The story, the action, and my love for the oriental culture all culminate in this masterpiece. I can’t stress enough how much this series means to me and I hope Shenmue 3 keeps it up.


ChrisContinues: Just like every other kid on the planet, I love Spider-Man and while it’s been a lot of fun going to the movies and watching Spidey’s latest adventures, it will always be more fun swinging a mile in his shoes and with this year’s upcoming Spider-Man game, it looks like we might be getting the best Spider-Man game to date. On top of the fact that you get to play as Spider-Man in what is undoubtedly the best looking game in character’s history, but there’s also a coat of mystery covering this game. We know that players play as Peter Parker but the real question is, will they play as him for the entire game. I bring this up because another famous Spider-Man is also in this game, Miles Morales. Perhaps Miles is there just to set up future sequels or maybe, just maybe, fans should be expecting one of the best twists any game has ever had. If you haven’t read the comics and aren’t familiar with what I’m referring to, just know that something spectacular could be on it’s way when Spider-Man arrives later this year.


ChrisContinues: MMA is easily one of my favorite sports and I’m so thankful that there are great games based on the sport. To the rugby and cricket fans of the world, I’m so sorry. I thought UFC 2 was arguably the best sports game to come out in 2016 and with the improvements that UFC 3 has shown off so far, I’m very confident that UFC 3 will end 2018 as the best sports game of the year.


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