The Top 5 Dream HD Re-Releases We Probably All Want

With the announcements of Spyro and Shenmue coming back to consoles in the form of HD re-releases (in Spyro’s case, a complete remake) the question becomes, what’s left that needs to see this type of treatment? What out there truly deserves to see the light of day with the help of an HD Re-release? Today we’re looking at the top 5 games that we probably all want to see re-released and if you don’t want to see these 5 re-released, it just means you’re wrong… or that you should tell me down in the comments what game you’d like to see come back.

5.) Max Payne 3

Every other game on this list is a much older title in comparison to Max Payne 3 but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve an HD update to one of Rockstar’s most under-appreciated and underrated titles in their catalog. With what I believe is an incredible, gritty story that’s perfectly blended with fun gameplay, not having this game available on my PS4 is a tragedy.

4.)Twisted Metal

But Chris, they already tried to bring back Twisted Metal and no one cares. While that’s true, I think a remake of the original Twisted Metal using modern day tech from something like the Burnout series could really breath new life into what is, unfortunately, a dead franchise.

3.)Final Fantasy Tactics

While Max Payne 3 wasn’t that popular and a revival of Twisted Metal has come and gone, the fact that we haven’t gotten a new Final Fantasy Tactics is baffling. As time has gone on, games like FF Tactics have solved issues with menus and pacing and that’s why a remake of this tactical role-playing game is a must.

2.) Phantasy Star Online

Now here’s one that just hurts. The Secret Thoughters and I put so much time into this game and other than the follow up on the Xbox 360, nothing. Sure, there’s that MMO that’s in a language I don’t speak, but that’s not good enough! I don’t want an MMO and I certainly don’t want to play a game that’s in a language I don’t understand. With the success of games like Monster Hunter: World, this is the perfect time to test out the market with an HD Remake of Phantasy Star Online.

1.) WW(F)E No Mercy

Remember when I said not being able to play Phantasy Star hurt? Of course, I just said it! Well, not being able to play the best WWE game ever released hurts even more. With fantastic customization abilities and simple but fun controls, No Mercy was everything a wrestling fan could ever want. I easily spent 100 hours playing this game and the fact that there isn’t a WWE game out there today that brings me that much joy is a tragedy. Just re-release this! Please!

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