XBOX’s E3 Conference: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Since the beginning of the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has been chasing after PlayStation and with their 2018 E3 Conference it finally feels like they’ve turned a corner and are heading a direction that has a former Xbox owner wondering if the time to jump back into the Xbox pool is sooner rather than later.

The Good:

Games. Games. Games.

Microsoft started off the show revealing Halo Infinite, the next chapter in the Halo series.

And once Phil Spencer came on stage, the momentum didn’t stop as he announced that they would be showing 50 games, 18 exclusives and 15 World premieres. WOW!

You know what? Since there isn’t going to be an “ugly” section for this article, let’s take some time to showcase a few of the titles that got me most excited for the future.




Seriously, if you’re not satisfied with at least one thing shown at the Microsoft conference, maybe gaming isn’t for you. And ontop of all of the games that were announced, the continued support of Game Pass actually made me, as a PlayStation owner, jealous. With the announcement that not only were titles like Fallout 4 and The Division coming to Game pass but so were Microsoft exclusives like the upcoming Crackdown 3 and Forza Horizon 4. From top to bottom, if you’re someone that’s only owned an Xbox console this generation, I feel like this is the conference where you get to stand up and be proud knowing that the people in charge at Xbox are doing everything they can to make the right decisions.

The Bad:

I said there wouldn’t be an ugly but there is a bad. Honestly though, this is more of a complaint about the game’s industry as a whole more than it is about Microsoft’s conference. Gameplay. Where is the gameplay. No, I’m not asking for every trailer to have an indepth demo or a Q&A with the developers, but I don’t think asking for more game reveals to be more like Tunic, Dying Light 2, or Sekiro isn’t out of line. My friends and I all got really excited while watching the trailer for Halo Infinite, Devil May Cry 5, and Jump Force, but what are those games? While it’s safe to assume what Halo and DMC will be, I literally have no idea what genre Jump Force is. Is it a tournament fighter? A brawler? I honestly don’t know. This is of course a nitpick because over the course of E3, I will more than likely have more than enough information on most of the games I want to know about, but since I’m only talking about this particular conference and I needed to criticize it somehow, that’s what I got.


As I’ve already stated, if you’re an Xbox owner, today is the day to brag about that fact. More than likely this will be the best conference of the show and if anything manages to beat it then we’ve all won because that would mean that this is one of the most fun E3’s ever.

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