Fallout 76 is Broken and it’s Your Fault

Five days since its release and already Fallout 76 has had two patches that have required nearly 100GBs. Between the game’s day-one patch being bigger than the actual game at 51GBs and now with the most recent update at 47GBs, players who unfortunately have to deal with data caps are left wondering if they’ll survive the rest of the month. Unfortunately, and it hurts me to say this, it really does, but I don’t feel bad for you. Well, that’s not entirely true. The Bobbies and Bonnies of the world who bought this game because they saw that a new Fallout game had released get my sympathy, but for the “in the know” gamer, you get nothing.

The fact that even after seeing the updates from Bethesda where they warned players that their game was more than likely going to be broken at launch, makes this particular group of gamers just the worst. I’m talking about the equivalent of those crazy Diablo kids that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Fallout 76’s beta was literally uninstalling itself from people’s consoles. When a game is doing insane things like that, you can’t be shocked that when it releases only a couple weeks later that it’s going to require a lot of work to fix it. After all, that is what you people want, right? It’s either these huge updates that hopefully fix the game that you spent $60 on or Todd Howard starts doing his best Scrooge McDuck impression.

giphy (18)

Now that I’ve thrown around all of this blame, why doesn’t the blame fall on Bethesda? Don’t get me wrong, it’s ridiculous that a studio that’s known for releasing some of the greatest games of all-time thought it was okay to release Fallout 76 in the condition that it’s currently in, but gamers have decided over the years that its just the Bethesda way to release a game that’s basically broken at launch. While some may have forgotten, after all, it has almost been a decade since it’s release, Skyrim was virtually unplayable for anyone that purchased the game on the PS3, yet we still look back at the game as one of the greatest of all-time. On top of that, when Fallout 4 was released, instead of players voting with their wallets and saying, “no, you released a broken Skyrim, we’re not buying,” we all went out and bought it and not only did we buy it, but we went after anyone that criticized the game for being broken… sorry Giantbomb.

So now, here we are again, shocked that Bethesda has released yet another janky game. Well, I’m not. Myself along with the other Secret Thoughters agreed to wait before buying Fallout 76. Between The Forest, the upcoming Stardew Valley multiplayer that’s scheduled to be coming to consoles soon…ish, and No Man’s Sky, there are plenty of polished multiplayer games on the market that we can jump into, and if we’re not interested in those, we’ve got our own janky multiplayer game that’s scheduled to come out at the end of November in Red Dead Redemption 2. At least with that game, if the multiplayer is broken at launch, players still got to experience one of the greatest single player experiences of all-time.

The moral of the story is pretty simple folks. Vote with your wallet and maybe, just maybe Bethesda’s next game won’t be so broken.

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