My Most Anticipated Games of 2019

For what seems like 37 years now, I have been waiting for Dreams to be released. If you don’t believe me, just go and read last year’s most anticipated games of 2018 article where you’ll see Dreams at the top of my list. For so many years now, the idea of writing and creating my own game has sounded like something that realistically would never happen, but with the unbelievable tool set that Dreams will offer to every day people like myself, the goal of making your own game is now a reality. And if you’re someone out there that isn’t interested in making games, don’t worry because some of the things I’ve seen in just the beta have assured me that some incredibly talented people are going to be putting on amazing games for people to find and play.

I have been playing Mortal Kombat since I was small boy. I remember the first time I accidentally typed in the right combo of buttons and made Sub-Zero rip someone’s head and spine off their body… jeez, where were my parents? Oh, that’s right, they were right behind me cheering on the awesomeness displayed. Well, my dad was at least. My mom had no clue any of this was happening. Could you imagine? So with nearly all 30 years of my life having been filled with MK memories, it’s no surprise that I’m excited for Mortal Kombat 11.

Surprise, surprise, another game from childhood returns and this time it’s actually playable. Seriously, when was the last time you tried to play the original Resident Evil 2? Those controls are rough. With Resident Evil 1 and 4 constantly getting ported and remade I’ve always wondered why there was no love for RE 2 and now we know. More than just an HD port, Resident Evil 2 is completely remade from the ground up. Everything about this game looks unbelievable. It’s the first big release of 2019 and I can’t wait.

Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order

Titanfall 2 is one the best games of the generation and this is coming from a guy who typically isn’t into first-person shooters. So when I learned the developers at Respawn were taking their talents to a galaxy far, far away and bring Star Wars fans a Triple-A single player story, I was very excited. Since EA has gotten the Star Wars license it has been on mis-step after another, and while we haven’t heard any recent updates on this title since E3 2018, as far as I’m concerned, (especially with all of the recent cancellations) no news is good news.

Yes, this out on Mac/PC. Yes, this out on the Switch. Guess what, I own this game on PlayStation and you better believe that the wait and has been unbearable. I’ve put in well over 100 hours into this incredible game and am more than happy to do it all over again, this time with my friends. The idea of one of my favorite games of all-time getting a multiplayer mode really is a dream come true.

Pokemon 2019

I use to love Pokemon. I use to collect all of the cards, watch the shows, the movies, and I even had a bunch of the Burger King Pokeballs that fake gold bars inside of them. It was thing. IT WAS A THING! Weirdly enough though, I only ever played Pokemon Yellow. I must have started and restarted that game dozens of times. I absolutely loved it. Between now and then, I’ve only ever played one other Pokemon game and I don’t even remember what it was called. I just remember having a cool little monkey Pokemon as my starter. Lately though, I’ve been getting that itch for another Pokemon game to the point where if this upcoming Pokemon game is what I’m hoping for, I’m finally going to jump off that bridge (is that a saying) and buy a Nintendo Switch just to play Pokemon.

Catherine was one of the most unique games I had ever played on the PlayStation 3. It offered an interesting story and a type of gameplay that I haven’t seen replicated in another title since. With Catherine: Full Body, players like myself who never finished the original game will have the chance to get back in there on PlayStation 4 and not only see how the story ends but also experience brand new characters and story moments.

Remember Fallout? Remember how great we use to think Fallout was? Well, apparently the people that made Fallout: New Vegas remember because they apparently have gone out and made their own Fallout game. I mean, technically it’s called The Outer Worlds and is in no way connected to the Fallout universe, but let’s be honest, it’s Fallout and as someone who considers Fallout 3 to be one of the best games of all-time, I’m more than happy to have a developer out there attempting to bring fans another game in that style.

Over the last few years I’ve found myself searching high and low for amazing looking independent games. For 2019, I think I may have found the winner in Eastward. Featuring a beautiful art-style that brings such a unique world to life, Eastward focuses on our two main characters that really bring back fond and yes, heartbreaking memories of Joel and Ellie from the Last of Us. With games like Stardew Valley, Starbound, and Wargroove, whether it’s being published or developed by the team at Chucklefish, they definitely have an eye for talent and Eastward looks to be yet another great game ready to be added to their list of classic titles.

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