New Releases and Sales for January 29, 2019

With last week’s release of Resident Evil 2, I declared last week was the first big week for games in 2019, but for a group of people, gaming in 2019 doesn’t start until today. That’s right, I’m of course talking about The Hong Kong Massacre. Yes, I made this joke last week but no one reads these so it doesn’t really matter. Speaking of new readers, if you are in fact a first-time reader, the way these articles work is every Tuesday I write about the most interesting releases of the week as well as any sales that may be going on in the PlayStation Store. Attached to every game listed is a link to the Store so if you see something you like, it’s only one click away. Now, let’s see what’s coming out.

New Releases

Kingdom Hearts 3 ($59.99)

Kingdom Hearts, the Metal Gear Solid of RPGs. We’ve got Disney characters, we’ve got swords shaped like keys, and apparently, after 20 years of games, the hero hasn’t met the villain. Never change Square Enix, never change.

click to buy

The Hong Kong Massacre ($19.99)

Imagine if Max Payne, Hotline Miami, and director of Face/Off John Woo had a baby. Now imagine what they’d name that baby, oh wait, you don’t need to imagine it because the answer is Hong Kong Massacre… do I really need to write anything else? Go be cool and buy this game!

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Song of Memories (out 2/1)

And the “I don’t judge” game of the week is Song of Memories. A romantic visual novel where players try and find their one true love WHILE AN APOCALYPTIC VIRUS STARTS WIPING OUT THE PLANET’S POPULATION. You know, that old chestnut. Seriously, where do I go to apply to write for these kinds of games? It doesn’t seem that hard. Romantic novel+ half naked anime girls + weird/surprising twist = game. I’ll do one now. A romantic visual novel where players try and find their one true love BUT EVERY FULL MOON THEY TURN INTO WEREWOLVES!

What’s on Sale?

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen ($17.99)

Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition ($9.99)

Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe Edition ($20.99)

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