PlayStation’s Biggest Releases for July 2019

PS Plus Games:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

You might be surprised to hear this but after about 9 hours of intensive research, I discovered that Pro Evolution Soccer is, in fact, a Soccer video game… No, but seriously, it’s a soccer game and while it isn’t FIFA, Gamespot did give it a 9/10 so it seems like we’re still getting a really great free Soccer game.

Horizon Chase Turbo

While watching the trailer for Horizon Chase Turbo I’m reminded back to a time 67 years ago when I, a young boy, played games like Super Hang-On for the SEGA Genesis and Cruis’n USA for the Nintendo 64. Horizon Chase Turbo is a throwback to the classic arcade style racing games where the point of the game is to win a race. I know, I know, you young kids nowadays having racing games where it’s open-world and the point of the game is to catch as many fish before you opponent but back in my day, you raced to come in first.

New Releases

Apex Legends Season 2 (July 2)

Heading into July I can safely say that Apex Legends is still my game of the year and while the Season One update was a bit of a letdown, it appears that everything fans were hoping for from Season One is making its way into Season Two. That being said, the game is still far from perfect and missing certain modes that I and others would like to see added, but giving players new characters, a well-needed change to the map, and a ranked mode it certainly enough fresh paint to make this game feel new again.

Final Fantasy 14 Online: Shadowbringers (July 2)

So I’m gonna be honest, July is a bit of a slow month, but after missing out on FF8 and FF11 I finally decided to give the new online Final Fantasy game a try and when I did, I thought it was a lot of fun. I didn’t really know what the point of the game was, but I was a cute anime character fishing in a swamp so as far as I’m concerned, Game of The Year. With that being said, it was made very obvious to me at this past year’s E3 that Final Fantasy 14 has a very big and very loyal fan-base. I’ve watched every trailer that has to do with Shadowbringers and I can easily say that while I have no clue what’s going on it, that doesn’t take away the fact that what’s being shown looks very cool.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 (July 12)

Having spent well over 50 hours in the original Dragon Quest Builders, I cannot wait to jump into the follow-up and enjoy everything the game has to offer. For those unfamiliar with DQB, it’s Minecraft… Listen, let’s not beat around the pixelated bush here. The talented folks realized that if they took their very popular franchise Dragon Quest and mixed it with Minecraft that people would be into it and guess what, they were right.

The Sims 4: Island Living expansion (July 16)

I have been playing The Sims franchise since the very first game. I remember my dad’s computer room being full of those giant expansion boxes that would come out for the games, but much like FF14, I was happily surprised while watching this year’s EA Play and hearing the overwhelming reaction from the fans of Sims 4. I always assume the series had a healthy fanbase but I never thought it would like what I heard at E3. So it warms my heart to let those people know something that they 100% already know about, The Island Living expansion. That’s right folks, take your sims on a tropical vacation where you can fall in love with a mermaid, kiss a dolphin, and clean up the environment. It’s like 10 years old me’s dream come true.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood (July 26)

Killing Nazis is something that people have liked doing since, well, World War 2. They liked doing it so much then that they decided to put it into the first video game ever made… Ms. Pac-Man. After that was such a big hit, killing Nazis has evolved into a number of games like Wolfenstein and Call of Duty. Now 100 years after the release of Ms. Pac-Man it’s all come full circle because in Wolfenstein Youngblood you and a friend get to play as the daughters of BJ Blazkowicz, the former protagonist of the Wolfenstein series. It’s been really fun watching people fall in love with the Wolfenstein series again and with Youngblood adding co-op to the series, I think it allows for even more people to discover and fall in love with the classic series.

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