Ranking Robots: When The Yogurt Took Over

Ranking Robots is the newest tri-weekly series that will be making its appearance on the site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as I make my way through Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots. For those that are unaware of the Netflix Original, the show is a series of short stories that have to do with, you guessed it, Love, Death, and Robots. If anyone reading this ever saw the incredible collection of short films called the Animatrix (if you haven’t go check that out now) then you won’t have any trouble jumping into this new series.

Greeted by the familiar voice of Maurice LaMarche, When The Yogurt Took Over, is a very generic told all too often science fiction story that finds itself repainted with the most beautiful and original coat of paint you will ever see. Whether it’s Terminator 1, The Matrix, or Terminator 6 there are a million movies out in the world that tell the story of scientists getting to close to becoming God and creating artificial intelligence that ultimately takes over the world because our human minds are simply too dumb to understand what’s going on, and as someone who absolutely loves that genre of story, I can safely say that other than the very classic horror movie The Stuff, I have never seen a story be told where literal Yogurt wins.

On top of the very original take, this episode also confirmed that I love an art style that looks like it belongs in kid’s show but has all the content that belongs in an R-Rated movie. Whether it’s nudity or a man boiling a dead baby for dinner, this movie isn’t afraid to go dark and I’m thankful for every minute of it… even if the short only lasts 6 minutes.

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