Streaming Spoopies: In The Tall Grass

Based on the Stephen King and Joe Hill book of the same name, In the Tall Grass tells the story of a pregnant woman and her brother who find themselves trapped in an endless field with seemingly no way out. While, in my opinion, the Netflix Original is about 15 minutes too long, the story that the film tells is one of originality that’s full of unexpected twists and some creepy visuals. As for the cast, it’s lead by everyone’s favorite Patrick Wilson, as well as a band of newcomers that are all equally impressive, except for one. It wouldn’t be a Stephen King story without a creepy kid and while most child actors often aren’t able to deliver, 12-year-old actor Will Buie Jr. is impressive and stands head and shoulders above the rest of his castmates. This is saying a lot when you consider the impressive performances given by actors Laysla De Oliveira and Harrison Gilbertson. The movie asks a lot of Buie and, in my opinion, he never stumbles.

Overall, as I said, I thought the movie was a bit too long. Some of the stuff near the end just felt like a big set-piece just to have a big set-piece rather than it being included in the story because it actually helped wrap everything up. You could almost say that parts of the movie get lost in the weeds… sorry. Other than that complaint though, I think this is a really solid horror film and for anyone looking to start off October with some good spoopy fun, Netflix’s In The Tall Grass is a great place to start.

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