PlayStation’s Biggest Releases: August 4-7, 2020

From a Battle Royale, that’s hoping to rub shoulders with the other giants of the genre and a sports game that delivers the goods, week two of August is here, and it’s decided to bring the games. For those that are new to the site, the way these articles work is I find a couple of games coming to the PlayStation Store, and I talk about them. If the games I’ve personally picked aren’t what you’re looking for, don’t worry because all you have to do is click the link to find the other games coming out this week.

August 11

Hyper Scape

First, I dominated Rocket League. Then I moved on to Apex Legends. Fall Guys? More like, I’m number one, GUY! So with me dominating every multiplayer game that matters, I find myself wondering, what’s next? Thankfully, Ubisoft has decided to stop eating croissants and make a game just for me. Hyper Scape is here, and it does, well, it does what a lot of games do, but it still looks incredible. This fast-paced Battle Royale dips its toe into the genre, ready to make its mark. Here’s hoping it delivers.

August 12


The year is 1915, and Franz Kafka has just written a book about bugs. Little did Franz know that 105 years later, ALL IN! GAMES would take his book about bugs and make a game about, you guessed it, BUGS!

August 14


UFC 4 is a game about punching and kicking people, and I love it. Every couple of years, EA decides to be kind and give me a game that I can enjoy without feeling embarrassed. I’m looking at you Mass Effect Andromeda. Because I give EA $5 every month, I have gotten a chance to play a few days early, and I can confirm that the game is everything I’ve wanted from the franchise. Combat feels great, the commentary that’s been holding the game back has moved to Texas and replaced by the talented Daniel Cormier, and the game has put all of it’s focus on the game’s most popular mode: Career Mode. While it doesn’t seem like UFC 4’s career mode will reach the heights of the Fight Night franchise, this mode is guaranteed to deliver what every fight fan is looking for, a good time.

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