The Best of The PlayStation Showcase 2022

With just how incredible PlayStation’s State of Play was, hype levels have increased with what to expect moving forward during the 2022’s Summer Game Fest. But whether it’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake part 2Resident Evil 8 DLC, Avowed, or a million other possible games I can think of, I’m sure that host Geoff Keighley will bring the noise. Today, though, I’m not interested in predicting the rest of Summer Game Fest; I’m here to showcase the little underdog that no one believed in, PlayStation. Everyone said that State of Plays are never good. Everyone said that, at most, maybe we would see one “big” new title. WELL, I’m here to tell you that they were all wrong. Here are my favorite games from PlayStation’s State of Play, and I hope five is big enough.

5.) Eternights

Ever since I played Persona 5, all I’ve wanted is for more games to start copying all the great things it had to offer. It may have taken longer than I expected, but six years later, Studio Sai appears ready to answer the call with Eternights. Whether it’s the calendar-based gameplay, the ability to date your party members, or the fact that you’re a high school kid trying to save the world, everything Eternights is trying to do, screams its Persona inspiration. With a release date of early 2023, this surprise title stands alongside some of the bigger titles we know to be coming out next year.

4.) Season A Letter To The Future

While Season could easily be the next hyped indie title that leaves players wanting more, everything shown so far suggests that we could be in store for a great experience. Just what is Season, though?

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let yourself be carried away by the great journey of Season, a third-person atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game. Through the eyes of a young woman leaving a secluded community, you explore the wider world for the first time. Collect memories before a mysterious cataclysm washes everything away…”

“Document, photograph, and record life. Through a solitary bicycle journey, form your own memories, your own vision of the world around you. Your goal? Protect these treasures from being forgotten. Your quest will lead you to discover a new world; unknown, yet familiar. You will be immersed in different societies that will make you discover the mysteries of the world of Season; a surreal version of the mid-twentieth century, where thousands of years have passed without any progress. Find out what caused the last collapse and what might cause the next one…”

via Steam Page

As I said, Season has all the making of a classic indie title that either delivers and becomes a classic or is ultimately a letdown that never quite nails what it was hoping to accomplish. We’ll find out soon enough as Season: A Letter to the Future comes out this Fall 2022.

3.) Final Fantasy 16

I plan on doing a deep dive into everything we know about Final Fantasy 16, but until then, let’s focus on all the goodness this trailer had to offer. I feel like many Final Fantasy fans grew up loving the summons. These epic attacks that filled our TVs with flashing lights appear to be a significant part of FF16. Not only are some of the more famous summons actual characters, but it seems like players will be battling them in insane Kaiju-style battles. The only real letdown from the trailer is the release window– Summer 2023. It’s a long year to wait, but I feel it’ll be well worth it. 

2.) Resident Evil 4 Remake

It was tricky figuring out which should be ranked higher, RE4 remake or FD16, but with Final Fantasy 16, there’s still a bit of mystery. Maybe, by some strange occurrence or won’t be good. With the Resident Evil 4 Remake, though, I already know it’s one of the greatest games of all time, and now it’s about to become one of the greatest games of all time with a badly needed fresh coat of paint. And with Capcom already confirming a few minor story changes and additions, long-time fans will be able to have a new experience alongside newcomers to the game or franchise. Imagine being upset about that. Weird, I know. 

Honorable Mention: Calisto Protocol 

I may not have any experience with original Dead Space, but I know a great-looking horror game when I see one. From the original developers of Dead Space comes its spiritual successor, Calisto Protocol, and for a nice change, we’ll be playing this game this December. 

1.) Street Fighter 6

So they announced Street Fighter 6, and it was all right, I guess. SIKE! Almost everything I wrote about just a few weeks ago is here: easy controls for new players, a story that advances the timeline, a fantastic new art style, and an incredible roster. So, on the one hand, I’m thankful that I’ve got until 2023 to work on my backlog but on the other, all I want is to be able to play this game right now.

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