Deja Views 11-27-17

With the first of December coming this weekend and honestly nothing really happening in the news last week (hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving) let’s turn this Deja News into Deja Views. That’s right! It’s time for the monthly segment where I tell you what three movies are coming out this month that I’m most excited for. Historically, at least one of the three movies I mention are either deemed critically bad or bombs at the box office. Let’s find out what movies I’m cursing this month.

The Disaster Artist


Since The Disaster Artist was announced, all I’ve wanted to do was see this movie. A film staring James Franco, the 2nd strangest man in Hollywood, about Director/Actor Tommy Wiseau, the strangest man in Hollywood, is a recipe for movie magic. I thought everything Franco did in the somehow controversial film The Interview was hilarious and based off the trailers for The Disaster Artists it looks like I’ll be getting more of the same. I will absolutely be seeing this movie the minute it comes to a theater near me.

The Shape of Water


Well, if there was going to be a movie on my list that was critically loved but struggled at the box office, it would be the Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water. What is this movie you ask? Oh, it’s just your typical love story of a mute girl that works in a laboratory that falls in love with a merman who looks like the creature from the black lagoon. YAWN! When is Hollywood gonna give us something original, am I right?

I love Guillermo’s work, especially Pan’s Labyrinth, and I’m excited to see him finally making a film that appears to be bringing me a world of imagination similar to his 2006 film. Hopefully, the premise of this movie won’t be too odd for people and they’ll be willing to give it a chance. Even if they don’t though, you better believe I’ll be there day one to check this movie out.

Star Wars The Last Jedi


There isn’t much that needs to be said about The Last Jedi, but here’s a bloated paragraph about why I’m excited for it… I’m just kidding. If you need a reason to be excited about this movie you’re just not paying attention. It’s Star Wars, and one of the good ones this time. GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM ROGUE ONE, YOU’RE STILL GROUNDED FOR WHAT YOU DID!

SO, what are you most excited for? Is it something else? Jumanji maybe? Is the woman falling in love with the fish-man too sophisticated for you? Love is love! You can’t help who you fall in love with… have a great day guys! And as always, thanks for checking out my fever dreams that I call articles.

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