Playstation Store, What are You Doing? 12/05/17

What’s going on everyone? Now that the holidays have passed, we’ve got games coming out on the Playstation store again. So what do we have this week? Well, my personal pick of the week goes to a little game called…

A Hat in Time

A 3D platformer inspired by the likes of Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, and Spyro, A Hat in Time tells the story of a little girl named Hat Kid looking to return home, but before she does that, she’s gotta travel around and collect some stuff. Typical platformer stuff in terms of story (or at least it seems that way), but everything shown off in the trailer looks like so much fun.

The Runner Ups

Ah, the games that were almost the pick of the week but didn’t quite make it. First up we have LocoRoco 2. I actually missed out on the first LocoRoco, but I have always wanted to give this series a chance. I’ve always been curious about it ever since I first saw images of it years ago. Sadly, it was on the PSP at the time so I had no way of playing it. Now that it’s on the PS4 though, I have no excuses… other than that whole, trying to find the time thing. We’ve also got Dead Rising 4. I love the Dead Rising series but due to 3 and 4 having Xbox exclusivity I haven’t gotten to play a new Dead Rising game in quite a while. Sadly for me, I’ve lost all the hype for this game, but if you’re a fan of the series, maybe it’s for you.

And now it’s time for the “I’m sorry what?” game of the week. This award goes to the game that just makes me go

This week the award goes to a little game called Tokyo Xanadu eX+. Usually these games are PS Vita games, but Tokyo Xanadu eX+ already came out on the Vita in 2015. Thankfully though, 2017 is the year of dream and that’s why Tokyo Xanadu eX+is coming to the PS4. So just what is Tokyo Xanadu eX+? Well, from the very little I could find, I think Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is a Persona-like RPG, and that actually sound great, but unfortunately for Tokyo Xanadu eX+ me and the rest of the world are still playing the unbeatable Persona 5… side not, did you know that no one in the world, IN THE WORLD, has beaten Persona 5? Crazy. Anyways, here’s the closest thing I could find to a trailer for Tokyo Xanadu eX+, enjoy and I will see you guys next week “Playstation Store, What are You Doing?”

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