The Best Games and Deals on The PSN for 2/13/18 PlayStation Store, What are You Up To???

Another Tuesday, another article about all of the interesting things going on in the PSN. Today we’ve got brand new titles that will either hit the market perfectly or be a complete disappointment, no in-betweens (it is the internet after all) and on top of that, we’ve got sales or should I say, “sale.” Either way, there are things happening inside the PlayStation Store and we need to talk about it.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance ($59.99)

Next week I plan on asking if this game is 2018’s game of the year, and while you’re waiting to find out the answer you can go pick up this highly anticipated Kickstarter game for the low low price of $60. So what is Kingdom Come Deliverance? Well, it’s an attempt at a more realistic Elder Scrolls game mixed with some Witcher. That’s right, no magic, no dragons, just real life. You play as the son of a blacksmith, who is trying to find his place in the world as an invading army tries to conquer the land he calls home. What makes this game so unique is that it’s actually based in reality. The characters and major events in the game are all real and actually happened way back in the 1400’s. If you’re looking for a big open world medieval RPG, maybe Kingdom Come is for you.

Crossing Souls ($11.99)

It seems like every week now I’m talking about another great looking indie game that’s come out and this week is no different. Crossing Souls is a throwback to the 80’s about a group of kids during summer break find themselves uncovering a government conspiracy. Stranger Things, it’s Stranger Things and that’s okay. It’s especially okay when you watch the trailer. This game is stylish as hell. It has great music, great art style, but the most important question is, does it have great gameplay? The only way to find out is by picking it up this week.

Fe ($19.99)

It seems like every week now I’m talking about another great looking indie game that’s come out and this week is no different… wait, what? Coming out February 16, Fe is your classic indie title that looks amazing and will probably make you cry at the end of it but if you asked someone to explain what the game is, they’d have a real hard time doing it. Seriously, watch the trailer and I promise you’ll know immediately if Fe is a game for you.


Games on Sale!!!

Okay so typically there are several titles that I feel are worth mentioning in this section of the article but this week there’s honestly only one.

Bioshock Collection

Whether you’re going under the sea, on a magic carpet ride above the clouds, or whatever happened in Bioshock 2, the Bioshock collection offers a collection of 2 of the best games for the last generation of consoles. I also have heard that the DLC, which is included, for Bioshock 2 is supposed to be really great as well. Seriously folks, if you’ve never experienced the Bioshock franchise, now is a great time to jump in. Unless I’m really bad at my job, which I very well might be, there’s nothing big coming out for a while so you’ve got some downtime to jump into this franchise and find out why everyone is in love with it so much.

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