The Best Games and Deals on The PSN for 2/20/18 PlayStation Store, What are You Up To???

Is it really Tuesday already? It feels like only a week ago I was talking about the latest releases and sales coming to the PSN. This week’s a doozy and not in a good way because there’s really not much going on in the way of new releases or major discounts. Never fear though, there are things happening over at the PSN and we’re gonna talk about them, RIGHT NOW!

Metal Gear Survive ($39.99)

The internet doesn’t like Konami. Why? It’s a long story but from what I can understand, someone named Konami (maybe that their last name) was really mean to Hideo Kojima while he was making Metal Gear Solid 5. Since then, everyone has hated Mr. Konami. Even with all of this hate being directed at this shadowy man, the hard-working developers at his company pushed forward and made a new video game, Metal Gear Survive. Basically, it’s a new game inside of the same game engine that was used to make Metal Gear Solid 5 and since MGS5 is the best Metal Gear, that’s really great news. Though I personally missed out on playing the beta, based on the opinions in the industry that I respect, it’s supposedly a good or at least fun game. So if you’re into survival type games where you’re taking down hoards of enemies, maybe give Metal Gear Survive a chance… or keep hating this Konami guy, whatever makes you happy.

Deadbolt ($9.99)

Inspired by classic indie titles like Hotline Miami, Deadbolt looks to continue the video game’s industry’s impressive streak of releasing a solid indie game every week. Honestly, there isn’t much to say about Deadbolt other than the fact that it reminds me a lot of Hotline Miami if it was 2D and not top down like Hotline was. Either way, if you’re in the mood for a tough indie shooter that gives you the ability to shoot guys while they’re sitting on the toilet, Deadbolt is probably the game for you. Seriously though, watch the trailer. You’ll know instantly if this game is for you or not.

Games on Sale!!!

I told you there wasn’t much happening in terms of new releases but there are a few solid discounts happening so let’s give them a quick look.

Sims 4 ($24.99)

PC players have been enjoying the Sims games for years and it was only until now that consoles were able to handle the PC version of the game. That’s right, Sims 4 on the PS4 isn’t some half-baked version of the game, it’s the full version brought to console. And since it’s a video game there is a lot, and I do mean a lot of additional content for you to buy.  Don’t worry though, those are all on sale too. There’s City Living which allows you to live in a city instead of the classic neighborhood for $19.99 and for $11.99 there’s Dine Out, an expansion that allows players the choice to own your own restaurant. There are also some other expansions that make you a vampire or let you wear vintage glamour outfits, but Dine Out and City Living are the two big add-ons that players should really consider buying.

Dragon Age Inquisition- Game of The Year Edition ($9.99)

Inquisition is one of the best games available on the PS4 and the fact that you, yes you, can buy it for the low, low price of $9.99 is simply amazing. Back in 2014 when Inquisition was released, I easily put over 100 hours into this game and do not regret it one bit. It has memorable characters, fun combat, and with that classic Bioware storytelling style, offers players one memorable moment after the next. And since it’s the Game of The Year Edition, the game doesn’t just offer the base game. Instead, players will also get 3 additional add-ons for even more story. To be honest, I actually wasn’t aware there were that many add-ons for the game. There’s a very strong chance that I’m rebuying DA:I just so I can go back and check out these new additions to one of my favorite games of the PS4 era.

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