The Best Games and Deals on The PSN for 3/06/18 PlayStation Store, What are You Up To???

Last week I found a treasure map and after searching for buried treasure I’m pretty sure I found it, and you’ll never guess where it was. That’s right, the PlayStation Store! So grab your spoons kids, we’ve got some digging to do. Not only do we have new games, but we’ve also got old games on sale and not only do we have old games on sale, but we’ve also got PS PLUS games dropping today. Seriously, find your Grandma’s biggest spoon and start digging. Side note before we start, has anyone ever thought to ask what those big spoons are for? Is it for pudding? Cereal? Steak? Soup? The world may never know…


I know what you’re thinking, Bloodborne is too hard and it isn’t for me. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Bloodborne is everything great about the Dark Souls titles made even better. The combat, while similar, is different enough to give Bloodborne the edge over the other Souls games. It’s so much faster than previous titles and it’s because of this that I think players that have never given Bloodborne a chance will enjoy it. The only time I ever replay games is when they are all-time greats and I’ve beaten Bloodborne three times.

I have never played a Ratchet & Clank game before but for years I have heard nothing but good things about the series overall. And finally, after years of being cheap and not buying of the great games from this series, I can finally give the remake of the original game a try. You can see from the trailer that everything put into this remake was done with love and respect for the original title. Not only does it look like a Pixar movie, but from all the reviews I’ve read, it plays great too. I may have beaten Bloodborne a bunch, but I’ve never played this series and for the first time ever, I’m actually glad because now I feel like I’m going to get the best experience possible by downloading this. I personally can’t wait.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition ($49.99 or $14.99 Add-On)


Final Fantasy 15, the game that never stops. Some say that it can’t stop and that it won’t stop. There is some definite mixed messaging about what this is and I’m more than happy to help out. If you buy the full version for $49.99 you get the full game, all of the season pass content, and the content included in the Royal Edition pack (listed below). If you already own Final Fantasy 15 and purchase the Royal Edition pack for $14.99, you will only get what’s listed below. For an even more in-depth breakdown of this, you can click the link below and that will clear up any confusion that you might have. Also, there’s no trailer included with this write-up because of possible spoilers. While I haven’t finished FF15, I can say, with confidence, that if you haven’t played this game yet, this is easily the best time to finally give it a try.

・Insomnia City Ruins – new map leading straight to the game’s climactic end

・First-Person View – mode allowing players to see Eos through Noctis’s eyes

・Armiger Unleashed – powered-up combat mode

・Royal Cruiser – open-sea exploration, new fishing spots, and recipes

・Regalia Type-D – new acquisition and enhancement quests

・Additional Trophies

Midnight Deluxe ($4.99)

One of my favorite things to do with this article is showcasing smaller titles that might get looked over on release day. Midnight Deluxe is an incredibly inexpensive game that looks simple and fun. Described by the PlayStation Blog as a “golf-like game,” Midnight Deluxe seems to ask the question, what if Limbo controlled like a golf game? Going off the trailer alone, I like the idea, I like the art style, I like the cute little cube character, and I like that price. Seriously, even if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, it’s only $5. Give this game a chance… please?

Games on Sale!!!

While I may have only listed two of the newest releases, there is a reason. There are a lot of games on sale today. Sorry folks, but it’s time to finally spend the last of the petty cash and buy some games.

Call of Duty Sale ($7.49-$74.99)

Call of Duty is kind of a big deal and the fact that they have a pretty sizable sale is worth talking about. Personally, I haven’t played a Call of Duty game in a really long time, but after hearing about how much everyone loved the campaign for Infinite Warfare, I’ve been patiently waiting for it to go on sale and be a price that fits inside my budget. On top of Infinite Warfare, there’s the remaster of Modern Warfare, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare. Here’s a complete breakdown of everything that’s happening with the Call of Duty Sale on the PS4. There is a sale happening for PS3 content as well and from what I saw, it did look like a lot of Call of Duty content on sale as well.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 4.15.16 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-06 at 4.15.29 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-06 at 4.15.39 PM

Square Enix Publisher Sale ($1.24-$63.74)

I told you there were a lot of games on sale today. Square Enix is bringing some of it’s heaviest hitters to the table by offering such titles as Final Fantasy X/X-2 for $12.49, Life is Strange Season One for $4.99, Just Cause 3 XL Edition for $11.24, NieR: Automata for $29.99, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration for just $19.79, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for $7.49 and the one that has my attention the most, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix for just $34.99. This is easily one of the best sales that’s appeared on the PlayStation store in a long time and my wallet is crying because of it. With a nice mixture of new and old titles, this sale has something for everyone. Down below is a breakdown of everything in the sale on the PS4.


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