The Best Games and Deals on The PSN for 4/30/18 PlayStation Store, What are You Up To???

Last week Mr. PlayStation put on his best make everyone happy shirt and gave the PlayStation fans Yakuza 6 and God of War. And I guess with two new PS Plus games coming out this week, releasing two free games is all you have to do to make people happy around here. Maybe he’s right, or maybe he’s wrong. I can’t really say because I already own these two games… Come on!

PS Plus Titles

Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls was considered a disappointing game at its release, but that had to do mostly with how the game was structured. The story was told out of order and in my opinion, it was this creative decision that took away the game’s story having any real tension. Thankfully, this was all resolved when the game was brought over to the PS4. The game now has an option for players to play the story in a linear manner, which is fantastic.

Rayman Legends

Rayman is better than Mario…


New Releases…

City of Brass

From some of the people that worked on Bioshock, comes a first-person slashy slash, slash game called City of Brass. These people helped make Bioshock and for at least a few more years, that claim means something. Hopefully, this is good because I’d love nothing more than a smaller indie title that isn’t a traditional platformer to do well.


The first half of this trailer is really interesting and made this game an immediate day one purchase… The second half of this trailer looks worrisome and seems like the developers thought that a simple resource management game wouldn’t be enough to entice people to buy the game, so they added in what looks like a PS2 combat system. With that being said, there is a fishing mini-game, something every game should have, I’M LOOKING AT YOU NASCAR HEAT 2, so there’s at least that.

Games on Sale!!!

Nothing new on sale this week, but last week’s sale is still going on. If you’re interested in checking out the sale, make sure you check it out on last week’s article

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