Is Batman The Enemy Within Game of The Year?

Welcome to an attempt at writing a review in a slightly different way. Since Batman The Enemy Within is a TellTale game, I thought I’d give the readers a chance to make their own choices as to what happens in this review. The rules are simple. Whenever you come to a picture or pictures that have white letters on them, click one and it’ll bring you forward into the review. I hope you guys enjoy.


For two seasons now, Batman has done his best to protect the city of Gotham and during those two seasons, the man behind the cowl has had to make hard choices. Choices that have certain people in Gotham questioning just what Batman is doing. With season 2 now locked away as merely a memory, parts of Gotham echo with whispers of the stories involving the bat.

“I heard he saved one of us,” a clown-faced thug says to his friend. His voice only loud enough to be heard over the crackling of the fire coming from the barrel between them.

“After everything that’s happened, NOW you make a joke,” his friend asks.

“I’m serious! I heard he saved one of us and let one of those agency jerks get his brains smeared all over some alley,” proclaimed the thug. “Maybe I’m wrong, but my gut tells me the Bat’s on our side now.”

“Yeah? Well, my gut tells me you might just be crazier than the boss, and that’s saying something!”

On the other side of town, the cover of night shrouds the figure that stands upon the top of the Gotham City Police Department. The figure pulls a switch and a bright light pierces through the darkness and makes it’s home in the clouds. The Bat Signal calls to him, but below the roof, down into the pit of the department were a group of cops that found themselves in the same position as the criminals they hope to one day arrest, all gossiping about the Bat.

“Word is he might be getting soft on one of the criminals out there.”


“I heard it was Catwoman.”

“I heard it was that John Doe guy.”

“Well, I heard something even better. I heard that Batman.. is Bruce. Wayne.”

And with that, a roar of laughter filled the small break room that all of the officers were piled into. The thought of the billionaire playboy fighting an evil puzzle maker was enough to make anyone laugh. Ironically, the question that needs to be presented, the question that no one has thought to ask is, what if it’s all true? What if Batman has lost his way? His code to never kill may still be intact but how far is a man like Batman willing to go to make sure that what he thinks is the right thing, still gets done? And what is this about Batman getting soft on a certain criminal? Catwoman… John Doe? Is that why he chose to save that criminal’s life over a member of the agency? So many questions, so little time…



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