The Best Games and Deals on The PSN for 07/03/18 PlayStation Store, What are You Up To???

And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know my games are freeeeeeeee… what’s that? PlayStation offers PlayStation Plus all around the world? Well, you know what? It’s Independence Eve, the day the before the Fresh Prince himself beat the aliens and proved to the world that America is number one! And to prove even further that we’re number one, Mr. PlayStation himself called the lady liberty and said, “Ma’am, I may not have any new releases for you this week, but I’ve got two free games and A LOT of games on sale. Happy Birthday!”





I don’t know what Absolver is… so I went to Wikipedia!

Absolver is an action role-playing game based on martial arts fighting, featuring a seamless open world with shortcuts and free-roaming, and merging single, cooperative and competitive play in the same campaign, which is played from a third-person perspective.[1] Players build custom combinations of strikes, parries, and feints to fight other players and computer-controlled characters.[2] Players control warrior characters known as Prospect who travel the fictional land of Adal to fight other players and prove their worth to become one of the Absolver peacekeepers. Players progress through the game to unlock new armor and equipment, combat styles, and weapons,[3] usually as “loot” dropped by defeated enemies.[4] The game has minor massively multiplayer online game elements, including the feature of fighting alongside other players on quests and of directly fighting other players in player versus player match-ups.[5] Players can also spar with others to teach their characters skills.[4]

Heavy Rain

You know how some outlets refuse to mention the name Quantic Dream or David Cage without making really rude remarks? Well, there was once a time when it was safe to admit that the studio makes great games. While Indigo Prophecy was my personal introduction to the studio, Heavy Rain was actually the first time many people sat down and tried a Quantic Dream game and wow, were they not let down. Heavy Rain is a moody, atmospheric title that puts players in control of several characters but most famously, a father that just can’t seem to keep track of his kids. Get ready to press X to Jason and to find yourself enjoying this HD port of one of the best PS3 games of all time.

Games on Sale!!!

Of course, this isn’t everything on sale this week, but it what I think are some of the best deals available. To see everything that’s included in this week’s HUGE PSN sale feel free to click to the link below. And as always, thanks for checking out the article!

Darksiders Warmastered Edition ($1.99)

Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition ($2.99)

Assassin’s Creed Origins ($29.99)

Watch Dogs 2 ($19.79)

Fallout 4 ($14.99)

Skyrim Special Edition ($19.99)

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster ($12.49)

NBA 2K18 ($19.79)

Brothers: a Tale of two Sons ($3.99)

Nioh ($17.99)

Owlboy ($14.99)


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