The Best Games and Deals on The PSN for 07/17/18 PlayStation Store, What are You Up To???

Some weeks PlayStation drops a giant load of new games all over its store and everyone gets really excited because that load is full of games that we’ve all been hungry for. Well, this week we’re getting a big load of games, but I’m not hungry for any of these games. That doesn’t mean these games aren’t going to taste good, it just means I wasn’t ready for them… this intro got weird. This is what happens when they PlayStation store doesn’t update for nearly a month.


Frost ($10.39)

When I was a boy, card games either required telling someone to go catch a fish or they were played by old men in casinos. Now though, card games are everywhere and Frost is yet another that’s been added to the ever-growing deck virtual card games. There are a lot of free card games out there so the fact that Frost is $10.39 must mean it’s good, or that it doesn’t have microtransactions which has to mean something in today’s world.

The Path of Motus ($14.99)

There’s a very specific genre that The Path of Motus falls into and it’s one in particular that I’m quite fond of. Maybe you’ve never heard of this genre as it’s a phrase that is really only used by insiders like myself, but The Path of Motus is an “indie-ass indie game,” and I love it for being true to itself. You don’t use weapons to kill enemies, you use words which if the internet has taught me anything, it’s that words are the most hurtful tool… if you have the wrong opinion on Twitter. The game also features some kind of number puzzles which look really interesting and on top of everything, your character, at least based on the trailer, seems to age which reminds me of Dragon Ball Z. So to sum everything up, “indie-ass indie game” mixed with Dragon Ball Z, why wouldn’t you buy this genuinely interesting looking game?

Hungry Shark World ($9.99)

You play as different Sharks and you EAT EVERYTHING IN YOUR WAY. In the trailer, we are treated to the vision of a giant Shark jumping out of the water and attacking a helicopter. If that isn’t worthy of your 10 dollars then stop playing video games now, because nothing for the rest of your life will ever truly be worthy of your 10 dollars you greedy, greedy person.

Sonic Mania Plus ($5.00)

Remember when SEGA shocked the world by releasing a good Sonic game? Well, they plan on riding that horse until it’s dead again. Thankfully though, this horse-shaped hedgehog is still very much alive as anyone who’s played the Sonic Mania update absolutely loves it. If you already own the game, it’s $5 and if you don’t, well buy Sonic Mania first and then upgrade. If I understand it right, I think you’ll save some money. If not, you should have never doubted 2D Sonic and bought the game when it first released.


giphy (8)

Yeah, there’s nothing on sale. What? A game called Hungry Shark World came out this week. Is that not enough?!

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