The Best Games and Deals on The PSN for 08/07/18 PlayStation Store, What are You Up To???

Some people would prefer to go to a fancy restaurant and enjoy one great meal but being the intelligent guy I am, I’d rather go somewhere like Taco Bell where I can spend the same amount I would at some restaurant and have enough food to feed a family of 5… or just me. Don’t judge! So why am I bringing this up? Because that’s what’s happening this week. It’s a regular buffet of choices for gamers. You like games that are like Dark Souls? We got it! We like football games? We got it! You like games where you and a group of friends have to properly cook a series of meals to save the universe… or whatever is happening in Overcooked 2. WE GOT IT! Before we get to the new releases though, let’s talk about this month’s PS4 PS Plus games.

PS Plus Games for August

Mafia 3

Mafia 3, a really interesting and entertaining game that released with quite a few issues: skyboxes were broken, in-game physics made rooms appear to be haunted by ghosts, and the game was set in an open world that felt really empty. So what made it entertaining and interesting? Whether it was the setting of a fictional New Orleans inspired city during the 1960s, the games handling of race relations, or the interesting set pieces that players found themselves in as they systematically took apart a major crime syndicate, there’s a lot of great things going on in Mafia 3 that overcomes all of the game’s shortcomings.

Dead By Daylight

Remember when “one V group” was a genre that was going to take over the world? Well, don’t feel bad, if you blinked you missed it. That doesn’t mean that developers didn’t put out good games while trying to approach the genre. In Dead By Daylight players try and survive as one specific player hunts them down. It’s like that Friday The 13th game… but not. I’ve never heard anything negative about it and now that it’s “free” why not give it a try.

New Releases

Dead Cells ($24.99)

Dead Cells is the latest game to mix Roguelike elements with “Soulslike” elements and create what many are claiming is the best games of the year. Also, be careful when describing this game as a game that shares similarities to games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne because some people may take offense to that… whoops.

Madden 19 ($59.99)

This is a football game.

Overcooked! 2 ($24.99)

You like cooking? Do you like cooking with your friends? Well, as long as you like cooking with your friends while you’re trying to save the universe then Overcooked 2 is the game for you.

We Happy Few ($59.99)

We Happy Few is a game that has managed to have quite a storied history before ever being released. When it was first introduced everyone got way too excited and started mentioning games like Bioshock, but then once the game’s media and other players got a chance to play the game, they realized that it was actually more of a survival game placed in a procedurally generated world. In other words, the opposite of Bioshock. After a year or two of being in early access though, We Happy Few emerged with a new trailer and the announcement that the game would be more story based like players original thought the game would be, and at some point, Xbox bought the studio making the game which makes this at least the 2nd game in the PlayStation store that’s owned by Microsoft… weird.

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