Is Donut County Game of The Year?

For those of you that are new to the website, I’ve spent 2018 ranking games for my “best of” end of the year ranking. With every review, the ranking is subject to change. What may end up being my “game of the year” this week, may easily change with the next review. And one other thing before the review officially starts is that it’s important to note that I try and write my reviews a little differently than other reviewers. With every game, I try and find a way to write the article in a creative way that mirrors the game in some way. Some games are easier than others… With all of that being said, I hope you enjoy this week’s review!


Imagine if you will, you’re a Racoon that works at a Donut shop. Your best friend is a cool trendy human girl. Life is perfect. Unfortunately, you’re a trash Panda and it’s in your nature to cause trouble. Thankfully for you, the player, not the Racoon, causing trouble involves playing a game that puts you in bite-sized levels that are filled with relaxing music and simple but fun puzzles. And for anyone that’s worried that there just isn’t enough time in the universe to add another game to their backlog, don’t worry because Donut County is as short as this review.


Final Score: 7.75 (No Ragrets)


Thinks of a Thoughter Top 10 Donut County-01

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