Entitled Gamers, Diablo, and Me

While I’ve been off dealing with personal issues, the games industry has had its share of controversies. From asking if Assassin’s Creed had too much content in it, to wondering where those puddles went in Spider-Man, or people beating up NPC’s in Red Dead, it’s more apparent than ever that the video game industry is falling apart. That’s why I’ve put aside my own personal issues to come back to this website and right the wrongs. First things first, Diablo!

Okay, so actual first things first, I don’t know what Diablo is. From what I can tell, it’s similar to the N64 classic Gauntlet Legends. So to the people that are fans of the Diablo series, let me just say, you have good taste. So what exactly happened? From what I can tell Blizzard had their yearly conference, people thought they were going to get a Diablo 4 announcement and instead they got something called Diablo Immortal. Which is, simply put, Diablo for your phone. Well, we all have a phone, so what’s the problem?

Apparently, every Diablo fan or at least the vocal minority has screamed as loud as they can about how this is the death of Diablo and the developers should be ashamed of themselves for ruining such a beloved franchise. Now for the moment, we will ignore the fact that it is incredibly obvious that Blizzard is working on a Diablo 4 and that it will eventually be coming to consoles and PC. WE’RE JUST GOING TO IGNORE THAT OBVIOUS FACT FOR RIGHT NOW.

After this announcement happens, pure craziness occurs. People start claiming that Blizzard and Activision are removing negative comments from the Youtube videos of Diablo Immortal, something they are more than in their right to do, but on top of that, fans start claiming that the company is removing dislikes from the videos as well. Now I know what you’re thinking, “removing hateful comments is one thing but to change the like to dislike ratio is just blasphemous,” and guess what kind reader who thinks this, I would agree with you if that was possible buuuuut THAT’S NOT A THING YOU CAN DO. I’ve watched several credible Youtubers make this claim and even make the statement, “I don’t know how they’re doing it,” but then continue on with the accusation. How many times have you clicked on a popular video that’s been uploaded for well over an hour and seen that it only has 300 views? Clearly, the video has more views than that but the website hasn’t caught up to it yet. That’s all this was. It was just some weird glitch in the system.

Now onto the craziest part of this whole thing: Diablo 4. Not only has this been reported on by Jason Schreier but I saw people in the moment of this “controversy”, and I’m terribly sorry that I didn’t write their names down, on Twitter talking about how Diablo 4 is in development but it’s just not ready to be shown off yet. I don’t understand why people would think we wouldn’t get a Diablo 4. Blizzard has released Diablo 3 on literally everything. At this point, it’s the Skyrim of video games. While I can understand the average player at home wondering if there would ever be another Diablo game, I can’t excuse people that went to Blizzcon thinking that Diablo Immortal would be the future of the franchise.

THAT BEING SAID, Blizzard and Activision were given an exact road map to follow on how to announce mobile versions of their popular titles by both Microsoft and Bethesda. At this past E3 alone we saw the announcement of an Elder Scrolls game coming to phones as well as a Gears of War game and no one got upset because these announcements were followed up by announcements of Triple-A versions of the games. Don’t want to play Elder Scroll Blades? Don’t worry, in 2045 you’ll be able to play the next Elder Scrolls game on your spine infused PlayStation and Xbox.

I want to make sure I’m as clear as possible with this article though, I’m not trying to defend gamers that are harassing game developers. I’m simply saying that some of the blame can be put on whoever thought it was a good idea to announce Diablo Immortal and only Diablo Immortal.

With all of the undeserved name calling that’s been thrown at game developers lately, game journalists and critics have joined in on the name calling as well, but instead of aiming it at the game developers they’ve turned their attention towards the game players. “Entitled Gamers,” is the nasty word of the week and while I think it’s being misused a bit, I can understand where some are coming from.

The Diablo crowd, in particular, are a unique bunch. We can’t forget that while they beg for Diablo 4 today, they once cried foul that Diablo 3 was “too colorful.” Keep in mind that fans aren’t wishing for a Diablo 4 in hopes that they’ll get a game that will right the wrongs of the previous entry. They want Diablo 4 because they thought Diablo 3 was awesome… even though they claimed to have hated it at first. I’m of course being overly harsh towards the community all in good fun. We all make mistakes and overreact to things. Seriously, where are those puddles?!

In conclusion, the vocal portion of the community, though they may have acted immaturely at the announcement of Diablo Immortal, were also acting out as people who cared deeply about something and were worried that it was being ruined. As I said at the beginning of this long ramble, I’ve never played Diablo, but I did play Gauntlet Legends and if they ever announced that they were bringing that back in some capacity, I would be really excited… and I would even more heartbroken if what was released was a mere cheap downloadable game that lacked all of the heart and wonder of the original title. Thankfully, that’s never happened when it comes to Gauntlet Legends and I’ll never have to experience that kind of let down.

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