New Releases and Sales for February 12, 2019

Three big releases are all making there way to the PlayStation store this Friday and the most exciting part about the entire thing is that all three could end up falling completely flat on their faces or they could continue the trend of 2019 and be amazing. On top of the three big releases, PlayStation also managed to release another one of those weird anime games and this one is coming to the Vita. As always, if you’re new to the site or these articles, if you’re interested in purchasing any of the games mentioned today, all you have to do is click the title and you will be taken to the PlayStation Store and if clicking the title doesn’t do that, it just means that the PlayStation Store doesn’t have a page set up for the game yet, but as soon as that happens, I promise I will put in the link.

Jump Force ($59.99)

There are two types of people in the world. There are the people that like 2D Sonic (me) and then there are the people that like 3D Sonic, or as like to call them, the people with bad taste. The same can be said about fighting games and while the concept of Jump Force is awesome, I have never met a 3D fighting game that I liked. That being said, maybe things will be different this time around.

Metro Exodus ($59.99)

Metro Exodus is like going out on a date with your cousin. At first, you’re confused at why you’re even interested but before you know it, you’re getting married and you’re trying to explain to your friends why what you’re doing is a good idea. I’ve never dated a cousin or played a Metro game, but based on this trailer, at least one of those things changes this Friday.

Far Cry New Dawn ($39.99)

Far Cry New Dawn is another Far Cry game… yay?

Code Realize ~Winter Miracles~

The main event of today’s article. Code Realize ~Winter Miracles~, from what I can tell, is about a girl that’s trapped inside a house after a winter storm makes its way through her hometown. Thankfully she’s not alone as her home is filled with cute anime boys. Unfortunately for them, her heart’s only big enough to love one of them and that’s where you come in. Who will she choose? That’s up to you. I’m guessing that’s what the game’s about. It would be really awesome if this turned out to be some crazy anime RPG game with robots.

Games on Sale!!!

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