New Releases and Sales for February 19, 2019

Every Tuesday I show up and do the impossible… I report on the newest PlayStation releases for the week and on top that, I also let the people know what games are on sale. You’re welcome! By the way, if you want to buy anything mentioned, all you have to do is click on the name of game and you will be taken away to the PlayStation Store. If clicking the name doesn’t take you anywhere, that’s only because there isn’t a page set up for the game, but don’t worry, the minute there is, I promise I will provide the link.

Anthem ($59.99)

Do you like Bioware games? Too bad because they decided to make Destiny.

Farm Together (???)

If you own a PS4 and you have good taste, then that means you’ve been patiently waiting for Stardew Valley to finally add its multiplayer mode. Well, that still hasn’t happened but now we’ve got Farm Together. This game not only looks great but it’s actually gotten really good reviews too. If you love co-op games and you love to farm, Farm Together is perfect for you.

Steins;Gate Elite ($59.99)

A visual novel where the tag line is all about the player playing the anime. Also, this name. There’s no way anything is topping this game this week.

Death End Re;Quest (???)

And just like that, I’m proven wrong. What a fantastic name! So what is this? From what I can tell, this is an RPG where you go back and forth between the virtual world and reality…so it’s like Persona. There you go folks, looking to fill that Persona void in your life, buy Death End Re;Quest.


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