Ranking Robots: Suits

Ranking Robots is the newest tri-weekly series that will be making its appearance on the site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as I make my way through Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots. For those that are unaware of the Netflix Original, the show is a series of short stories that have to do with, you guessed it, Love, Death, and Robots. If anyone reading this ever saw the incredible collection of short films called the Animatrix (if you haven’t go check that out now) then you won’t have any trouble jumping into this new series.

Coming off more like an episode of a television show that’s based on a video game, Suits tells the unique story of a group of mech-wielding farmers fighting off invading aliens. While the concept is both fun and interesting, because of it’s Adult Swim cartoon feel, the episode comes off as if I’m jumping into the middle of a season that’s already more than half-way complete, and because of this I often found myself asking questions that the episode just isn’t interested in answering. In fact, by the end of the episode, I actually found myself left with even more questions because of what’s revealed at the end.

Once past the story, the audience is left with very generic cliche characters: the strong leader, the loving wife, the goof that’s a good friend, and the crazy old woman. While there’s nothing wrong with these characters, because the episode comes off like it’s happening in the middle of a story, they never get to develop in any significant way. The other frustrating part is that since the characters feel like they’re right out of a video game, all I could think about is how much more fun all of this would be if I was actually controlling a mech gunning down aliens.

While it may sound like I’m down on the Suits, the truth is, the action is a lot of fun and makes up for any shortcomings I think the episode may have. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mech-driving farmer fight off aliens while trying to protect his cattle. Does it accomplish the masterful storytelling that Sonnie’s Edge did, no, but just because something isn’t masterfully done doesn’t mean it can’t at the very least be enjoyable.


  1. […] Similar to the episode SUITS, Blindspot feels like a story taking place in the middle of a really fun TV show that I would have loved as a kid that features an interesting collection of characters, fun action sequences, and an eye-catching art style. It’s because of this choice in storytelling though, that’s resulted in the audience, or at least myself, asking too many questions. I want to know what’s come before this moment. I want to know what’s lead our characters to where they are now. […]


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