Ranking Robots: Blindspot

Ranking Robots is the newest tri-weekly series that will be making its appearance on the site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as I make my way through Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots. For those that are unaware of the Netflix Original, the show is a series of short stories that have to do with, you guessed it, Love, Death, and Robots. If anyone reading this ever saw the incredible collection of short films called the Animatrix (if you haven’t go check that out now) then you won’t have any trouble jumping into this new series.

One of the reasons that Love Death and Robots is a fantastic series is because of its rewatchability. With every episode being no more than 20 minutes long, it’s a great show to binge through. On top of that, with the episodes being so short, it allows the audience to go back and watch their favorite episode multiple times and even catch things that might have been missed during the first viewing. With Blindspot coming in at a brisk 8-minute runtime, it’s a perfect rewatch… if it wasn’t for the story getting in the way.

Similar to the episode SUITS, Blindspot feels like a story taking place in the middle of a really fun TV show that I would have loved as a kid that features an interesting collection of characters, fun action sequences, and an eye-catching art style. It’s because of this choice in storytelling though, that’s resulted in the audience, or at least myself, asking too many questions. I want to know what’s come before this moment. I want to know what’s lead our characters to where they are now.

The one thing that SUITS has over Blindspot though, is what I mentioned earlier: rewatchability. While SUITS wasn’t one of my favorites, there’s a lot to enjoy and rewatching the episode has the potential to only make the episode more enjoyable. With Blindspot, I feel, like it’s the exact opposite. The ending of this short makes the intriguing and emotional moments mute and meaningless. Thankfully the action is strong enough to still make the episode fun, but it could have been more memorable, in my opinion, had it been willing to end on a less than happy ending.

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