PlayStation’s Biggest Releases for August 2019

PS Plus Games:

Wipeout Omega Collection

It’s Jet Moto without the water. It’s Mario Kart without with Italians. It’s Wipeout…

Sniper Elite 4

If shooting Nazis is the kind of business you’re looking to get into, then cousin, do I have a game for you, because with Sniper Elite 4 the shooting Nazi business is ah booming. Also, I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to say. It’s another Sniper Elite game. It’s good, clean fun for the whole family and it’s free. What more do you need?

The Big Releases:

Madden 20 (August 2)

Like a bad rash or a broken clock, Madden is back and probably the same as it was last year. Thankfully, I didn’t buy last year’s game so between the 2019 and 2020 versions I’m excited to experience all of the new updates that have been added to the game like a tease of what a college football game could feel like, having players actually have special abilities that separate them from the less than elite players on the field and I’m sure many, many more.

No Man’s Sky Beyond (August 14)

No Man’s Sky is the success story of the current console generation. Anytime a game releases and is “trash” at launch, people point to No Man’s Sky and say, “don’t worry bad video game, if Hello Games can turn No Man’s Sky around, so can you.” Unfortunately for fans of games like Anthem and Final Fantasy 8, for a game to be saved post-release it needs to have been built on a good foundation. While No Man’s Sky may not have been what some were hoping for, those of us who stuck around though, quickly learned that the game was still the most important thing any game could be, fun.

With this next free update, the developers plan on adding VR, a connected world where players will have a chance of running into other random players, and a mysterious third feature that has yet to be announced. What could it be? Planets inhabited with cities? A new race of alien? Can I can scan my into the game and put it on my character like I can in the NBA games??? The possibilities are endless!!! Whatever this feature ends up being, the developers at Hello Games have earned the community’s trust and we all believe that no matter what it is, it will add another great layer to the onion that is No Man’s Sky.

Control (August 27)

What feels like 45 years ago, the incredibly talented studio Remedy released a game called Alan Wake. An incredibly underrated game that honestly never got what it deserved. Following the cult classic, the studio released something on Xbox that was a part-TV, part-video game… aren’t the joys of console launch games just wonderful? Well, it’s 2019 and Remedy is back with something that seems to be combining Alan Wake and their original title, Max Payne, into Control, a game that intends to twist realities in ways we haven’t seen since season 3 of Twin Peaks… or that classic hit film Escape Room. If everything I’m saying doesn’t impress you, then about this, your gun can transform. That’s pretty cool, right?

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (August 30)

Remember how at the beginning of the PlayStation 4 launch life when we all got that awesome horror game from Supermassive Games called Until Dawn? Then do you remember how we couldn’t wait for their next game? Well, it’s finally here with Man of Medan… and for anyone asking, Bravo Team and Hidden Agenda, are they real? Did they happen? Can you prove it? Didn’t think so.

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