Ranking Robots: Ice Age

Ranking Robots is the newest tri-weekly series that will be making its appearance on the site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as I make my way through Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots. For those that are unaware of the Netflix Original, the show is a series of short stories that have to do with, you guessed it, Love, Death, and Robots. If anyone reading this ever saw the incredible collection of short films called the Animatrix (if you haven’t go check that out now) then you won’t have any trouble jumping into this new series.

Retelling the story of Adam and Eve but with a twist, Ice Age shows the audience just what would happen if the biblical couple had, instead of living in a garden, moved into an apartment with a magical refrigerator that allowed them to see the future that they would help create… Okay, maybe that’s not what the story is about, but the only live-action story of the series does bring more to the table than just real actors. Telling the story of a couple discovering that a lost civilization advancing through time at a rapid pace exist in their freezer, the story offers someone like myself something that hits the perfect spot.

Throughout Ranking Robots I have tried very hard to review this series from a purely critical stance, but I’m certain I have failed at that on more than one occasion. Maybe Lucky 13 is better than what I thought, but my disdain for lazy narration just wouldn’t allow me to see past that. Based on all of the feedback I’ve heard about Ice Age, it appears that once again my personal preference has gotten in the way. All I’ve heard about this episode is that it’s one of the lesser episodes, but I’m here to say that those people share a different opinion than I do. I think Ice Age is great.

What’s not to love? The leads are the ever-charming Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Topher Grace and the story revolves around something that I have a deep fondness for, city simulators. Civilization is one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. What can I say, I love watching a city go from the stone age to beyond what we’re even capable of today, and it’s because of this that I came to enjoy Ice Age. It’s got some of my favorite actors and one of my favorite ‘things,’ what more could I ask for.

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