Dreams Spotlight for 02/21/20

Last week was the launch of Thinks of a Thoughter’s Dreams Spotlight, a weekly article that spends every Friday showcasing some of the best creations that I’ve come across in Dreams, and it was amazing. Talking about and more importantly talking to the different creators in Dreams is one of my favorite things to do so if you have a creation you want to share, whether that be because you’d like to see it featured in the Spotlight or because you’re just looking for feedback on a project you’re working on, my Dreams profile is https://indreams.me/ChrisContinues and one last thing, while I’m happy to give any feedback on any creation, for the Dreams Spotlight though, unless it is something that just blows me away and must be talked about, I’d really like to try and keep all of the creations I discuss on the site copyright free. With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about some Dreams!

Pixel Warz by Sir_Mosh

As I stand on a lonely hill looking off into the distance, I think of my times as a boy when I spent hours upon hours of my life playing Geometry Wars, and while Pixel Warz is very much doing its own thing, the visual style that Sir_Mosh presents with this game brings me back to those simpler days. Now, I would never suggest that he should go out of his way to make a new Geometry Wars-like game, but he’d sure be a lot cooler if he did. Following in the footsteps of developers such as Hipster Whale and their modernization of Pac-Man, Pixel Warz takes the classic arcade title Space Invaders and adds a well-needed coat of paint. With in-game pickups, flashy visuals, and more (I don’t want to give it all away) Pixel Warz is the perfect game for anyone looking for that fun arcade experience.

Happy Hammer Dream by Tototidoppa

Last week I spoke about a little game called Dinorama, a beautiful children’s game that absolutely won my heart. Well, it’s happened again because Happy Hammer Dream is yet another adorable side scroller that is perfect for the entire family. With a diverse cast of enemies, collectibles, and multiple levels that leads to a challenging but fun boss fight I think Happy Hammer Dream really… hammers home everything it’s trying to accomplish… and yes, I am proud of myself. While I love discovering a Metal Gear Solid recreation or a fun survival horror game, I think showcasing off the lighter side of Dreams is just as important as it gives way for younger members of the PlayStation family to jump in and who knows, maybe one day start making their own games.

Unreal Engine 4 Puppet by Drinkwater200

When I decided to write these articles I imagined that I would spend most of the upcoming weeks just talking about games and showcasing titles that a lot of people on other sites would already be discussing but in only week two that has changed and I couldn’t be happier. Drinkwater200 is, in my opinion, working on something that is going to make creating future titles for a lot of Dreamers much easier. Based on the Unreal Engine 4 character model, not only does the puppet have a much more natural build as oppose to the more cartoonish Media Molecule model, but the character also comes pre-equipped with flying, improved running and jumping animations, and Drinkwater200 has discussed plans to add animations for such things as punching and sword combat. Oh, and how could I forget, there’s even an option already included in the character that allows for the camera to be either top-down or behind the back. Really impressive and I can’t wait to see what gets added next.

Galaxy Cadet 2020 by RbdJellyfish in collaboration with Phreakerz

Much like last week when I gave Kinda Funny credit for sending me in the direction of a game, I must do it again this week. Greg Miller talked about playing Galaxy Cadet and all he could really say about the game was that everyone should go in as blind as possible. WELL, he wasn’t wrong folks. Galaxy Cadet is one of the more original and creative ideas I’ve seen in Dreams because its a game that takes expectations and throws them upside down. If you haven’t played Galaxy Cadet go experience this title for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it. Oh… and be careful… be very careful.

Fox Animation Test by Pangoman

The music was added by the uploader. This is not actually apart of the Dream, but a nice addition.

While this creation was made by a member of the Media Molecule team, much like the incredible game Tiny Pier Simulator that I spoke about last week, there is no official Media Molecule seal of a approval so as far as I’m concerned, this is as much a creation as anything you or I are capable of making. That being said, I could spend the next 100 years practicing with the creation tools and I still wouldn’t be able to come close to what creator Pangoman has accomplished. The entire reason I wanted to share this creation with everyone though, was the simple fact that I think seeing things like this is important, not just to the community of first time creators but to anyone still on the fence about buying Dreams. Seeing something as polished and incredible as this shows what the true power of Dreams is if you’re willing to put in the time and effort… unless you’re me. I’m still stuck on how to make health bars, but for YOU the talented creators in Dreams that are already making amazing things, seeing this little Fox look as incredible as he does lets me know that sooner rather than later the world of players who have yet to play Dreams are going to have some of the most amazing experiences waiting for them as this community continues to learn and grow together.

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