Dreams Spotlight for 02/28/20

Week three of Dreams Spotlight is here and I’m so excited to see the Dreams community not only get bigger but through the power of social media be able to follow along as other Dreamers work on their projects before they’re ready to officially launch them to the public. I’m always using the hashtag #DreamsPS4 so if you’re someone that likes to post your work on twitter, make sure you’re using that hashtag so more people can find it. There’s also the amazing community over at https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4Dreams/. I know joining a new communing can be a bit scary, are they going to be jerks, are going to make fun of what I post, but I promise that the fine folks at r/PS4Dreams make up one of, if not the nicest community in all of the gaming industry. So if you’re not over there asking questions, watching how-to videos, or even posting your own creations head on over and join the fun.

And one last thing before we finally start spotlighting, if you have something that you either want to see featured in my weekly articles or you’re just looking for some feedback on something you’re working on, my Dreams profile is https://indreams.me/ChrisContinues. My only rule for the spotlight is that I’d to focus mostly on non-copywritten creations. That doesn’t mean if you’ve created or even found something that’s so amazing I won’t share it, but original Dreams are my main focus for now.

GridSlice by c00kedturkey

While it’s fun searching through the newest released Dreams in hopes of finding another classic title, it’s important to acknowledge the popular kids from time to time and GridSlice is just that. As I c00kedturkey already, they don’t need to be told that they’re game is amazing because they already know. When GridSlice went live for the public to enjoy there was no need for worry, no need for any type of panic because this 2D arcade-style, grid-based, block slicer is flawless. It sets out to do what it wants and the game accomplishes that fantastically. If for some reason you haven’t played GridSlice, what are you doing, go play this NOW!

Medieval City Building Sim by Prinz_Laser 

Just recently I was talking to one of my friends how about trying to figure out how to create a city builder in Dreams and as if my PlayStation was listening to me, I then stumbled upon this gem. Medieval City Builder is a triumph that anyone would be proud to call their own. As I played through the title I continued to be impressed as I discovered more and more that the game delivered on such as the ability to expand my town, map specific buildings, structural damage that caused my little houses to catch on fire, and even little townsfolk that moved around the town actually doing the actions they were in charge of such as chopping down nearby trees. If you’re reading this and thinking, “yeah, those are the kinds of things that are video games,” I would agree, those are the kinds of things you find in video games… video games that cost money! What Prinz_Laser has done is create a title that, while admittedly is in early access, is the kind of early access I would expect to find from a game that’s on Steam. I love this genre of game and the simple fact that someone has managed to make something that comes even remotely close to the types of games I would be willing to buy is just incredible and not only shows the talent of Prinz_Laser but the scope of what can be done with Dreams.


Kai is one of my favorite creators in Dreams and if you aren’t aware of him you should absolutely be following him, no only through Dreams, but also over on Twitter @Kaifraz4048. Yes, some of the creations on Kai’s profile are copywritten characters, BUT they are incredibly well done as well as his original creations which are equally as impressive. Much like Medieval City Builder Sim, one of the main reasons I wanted to share give a spotlight to Kai isn’t just for the fact that I love what he’s making, but because what he’s doing in Dreams shows off the power of the tools that are available to everyone who purchases Dreams. So head on over to Kai’s Dreams Profile or his Twitter page and see all of the incredible creations that you, yes you, can be making with Dreams.

Mr. Jiggles’ Jolly Journey by EighBeaux

Every week I try and make a point to find a game in Dreams that delivers fun for the whole family and thankfully Mr. Jiggles’ Jolly Journey, a title I like saying very much, has helped me continue that streak. Funny enough though, these cute and adorable games that I find do seem to be getting more challenging by the week. At the pace I’m going, don’t be surprised if by week six of the Spotlight I’ve discovered some game that looks like Candyland but offers the difficulty of Dark Souls. All that being said, while yes, I personally got my butt kicked a few times by Mr. Jiggles, the game never stopped being fun. With a clever aesthetic and adorable character, the game continued to push me forward as I couldn’t wait to see what it had to offer next.

Vineland by ZIIQ and VitaminG_90

There’s a mystery in Louisiana. Something terrible has occurred and it’s left numerous parts of the state in ruin, but what was it? Yes, there’s an official story, but as Vineland begins to reveal itself to viewer there seems to be more going on than originally believed. With the combination of art and music that matches the region perfectly. Vineland is a near 7-minute slow burn that left me enraptured. I’ve been waiting for animated shorts like Vineland to start making their presence be known and now that Vineland has arrived, I hope that we start to see more and more talented artists bringing their talents to Dreams. Oh and one last thing… when is the sequel? You can’t just end your story like that and not have a sequel. I need answers!

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