Dreams Spotlight for 03/13/20

Before I start week 5 of the Dreams Spotlight, I wanted to take this time to tell the Dreams Community how much I appreciate them. Over the last several weeks I have enjoyed talking to everyone and, of course, getting see what you all are working on. I truly do believe that the Dreams Community is one of the best communities in all of gaming. With that being said, if you’re new to the Spotlight, every Friday I put out a list of 5 creations that I’ve come across and have enjoyed immensely. If you have something that you would either like to see featured in the Spotlight or you’re just looking for feedback on a project you’re working on, my Dreams Profile is https://indreams.me/ChrisContinues. The only rule I currently have for the Spotlight though, no copywritten material. 

Thumbs Fighters by arnoldochavez 

Thumbs Fighters is a real Thumbs Festival of enjoyment… someone will get that reference, don’t worry. Not only is it good fun for a lonely man sitting in his bedroom playing other people’s dreams but it’s the perfect party game for friends to gather around and enjoy a good laugh together. Bringing not one, not two, but THREE modes to the table that include a classic Thumb War mode, a “One Hit” mode, and Quickdraw (this one would be a lot of fun with friends) Thumbs Fighters is simple but it is in its simplicity that it accomplishes perfection. Go out and pick this game up right now… oh wait, it’s free, in Dreams! What a steal!

Lil’ Cupid: Love Letter Collector by Rickstaman

As I search through the Dreams Reddit I’ll see that someone has posted a trailer for the game they’ve made and typically, that trailer looks amazing but the game just doesn’t quite live up to the hype. Well, with solid platforming, creative level design, and a cute protagonist, Lil’ Cupid is yet another great game for parents to play alongside their kids as they continue introducing them to the world of video games.

The Dentist by heavenideas

You ever come across something and you think, “Oh, that’s nasty,” but you can’t look away? That’s what The Dentist is. I didn’t know what to expect when I started up this creation but I certainly wasn’t let down. This short but impressive animated… well, short, delivers with crisp animation, a unique and memorable art-syle, and a moral that we will all remember for years and years to come. After you and your small child play Lil’ Cupid, sit down and show them The Dentist, I’m sure they’ll never forget it either.

Evil Monologue by CellerCarbon

I don’t typically come across intentionally funny Dreams. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly some over the top creations out there that have made me laugh at how ridiculous they were but something that was purely made to make me laugh doesn’t come across my screen that often, which is why I was so impressed with Evil Monologue. It is as simple of an idea as someone could have but just like Thumbs Fighters, because of that simplicity I found myself enjoying Evil Monologue even more. “Why didn’t I think of that” was something that ran across my brain several times as I experienced this title and the simple answer to that is, I’m just not as smart as CellerCarbon. Thankfully though, they are and now we all have Evil Monolgue to enjoy and laugh at for as long as you can last.

City’s Rythm by Gutterkisser

Last week I spent the entire Spotlight talking about the different music creations that can be found in Dreams and since there are so many talented people working on creations in that category, why should I limit them to only one week? This week I’m talking about City’s Rythm, a clever music video that shows a busy city intersection as it moves to the sounds of a very catchy beat. I loved discovering City’s Rythm because of how much joy it brought me first thing in the morning. I don’t drink coffee, but I imagine the feeling City’s Rythm’s cleverness brought me was what you weirdos get when you have your morning drink. Great job and thanks for the smiles.

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