Dreams Spotlight for 03/06/20

Welcome to week four of finding Dreams to spotlight and it’s this week that I’ve decided to look at a different part of Dreams. Its one that I don’t think gets nearly as much love as it should and that’s the music that so many creators are making. Before we jump into that though, let me start by saying that if you have anything that you’d like to see spotlighted or are just looking for feedback on either something you’ve made or something that you’ve come across, let me know. My Dreams profile is https://indreams.me/ChrisContinues and I’m always happy to check out someone’s creation. The only rule I currently have for the Spotlight is that the creations have to be original. There is a lot of really impressive original stuff on Dreams and for now, I’d like to make sure we continue talking about them.

And one final thing before I start, I have never written about music before. I’m sure some of this will be a little clunky on my end but as I said, this is a part of the Dream’s community that doesn’t get nearly as much love as they should. So hopefully you’ll take me up on my recommendations and let these Dreamers know just how talented they are.

We Were Brothers – An Epic Orchestral Piece [18+ Hours] by Gamerway10

The song that inspired the theme for this week’s spotlight. The minute I came across this creation on Reddit I knew that I needed to start exploring what people were making in the audio part of town. Living up to its name, We Were Brothers (An Epic Orchestral Piece) delivers a truly epic experience that I could see swirling around the background of a climatic fight in an RPG adding that final piece of emotion that pushes something good over the line into greatness. And just as important as the finished product, Gamerway10 was nice enough to show their work in the video posted above. With any creation, but especially with one so impressive, it’s always nice for the rest of the community that’s still learning to see just what it takes for something like this to be made. The rest of Gamerway10’s profile is filled with just as impressive work so make sure you head on over and give the rest of their stuff a listen.

Komputertronik by doepfish

Komputertronik is the kind of track where the person who made it might refer to it as “just a track I made,” while people like myself discover it and find themselves inspired to jump into the music creator and make an attempt at creating something great. Matched with visuals that create a fantastic experience, not only is the music something that, in my opinion, would fit perfectly with any Mega Man game, the video itself that’s a mix of doepfish’s music and a collage of community creations shows off what can be done with imagination and already created assets. For the Dreamer out there that thinks they’ll never be able to make any of the things that they come across in the community, this is a fantastic example that through the help of the community, incredible things that be made.

Carbondale by jc04tu

As I said at the start of all of this, I’ve never really written about music before and I’m worried that I’m just repeating myself with each entry. Let’s try something different. Have you ever had music wash over you like a nice warm shower on a cold Monday morning? Too much? Well, it doesn’t matter because that’s what Carbondale by jc04tu did for me. I loved this song and more people need to hear and discover just how happy it will make them feel.

Letting Go by beatlebum and Digitalthing

I’ve spoken about creator Digitalthing before when I spotlighted their game Dinoroma and I think what impresses me the most about them is how their art has a unique style that is all their own, while also never feeling like they’re just repeating themselves. Check out Dinoroma and then watch this and I think you’ll understand what I mean.

As for the music, the entire reason I came across this, it’s fantastic. Creator beatlebum has made a song that when its over, the listener is left, in my opinion, feeling one of two ways. This is either a song with lyrics of joy that just happened to find themselves in a song that’s filled with melancholy or the sadness of the song is there for a reason and even though the lyrics say one thing, the meaning of the song tells another story. Give this song a listen and find out for yourself. What feeling do you take away when you’re finished?

You and I, All Night (Lexi Mix) Accoustic Music Video by Sploder99, LadyLexUK, and MaJiCkAL0ne

Moving on from one song about relationships to another, let’s end today’s spotlight on a happier note. You and I, All Night is a song that takes me back to the days of being a teenager when I would hear music like this and think, this is what it’s like to be in love. The concept of the song is as simple as it comes. We’re in love and because we’re in love, guess what, we both feel amazing. I care about you and you care about me and that’s all that matters. It really is beautiful. On top of all of that, it’s accompanied by a video that matches the tone of the song perfectly and considering how it’s all done with a bench and a few trees I find myself in awe. Great job all around!

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