Who is Monica Rambeau?

Who is Monica Rambeau?

I liked Captain Marvel. I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t I say last week that I also liked Amazing Spider-Man 2? While I’m sure you believe that I’m an idiot with terrible tastes in movies, I have a crazy belief that you should go into a comic book movie with the expectation of having a good time. If I don’t get Citizen Kane or The Mighty Ducks 2, I’m not disappointed. I’m not saying Captain Marvel is perfect, but it is a good movie, and I’m glad to see that more than just the titular character is continuing in the MCU. What the hell am I talking about? Well, I’m happy you asked.

Monica Rambeau, the young daughter of Captain Marvel’s friend, Maria, has finally made her adult debut in the MCU during the latest Wandavision trailer. It’s with her reveal that we can start to look at not only what might be happening in Wandavision but also future MCU films.

Captain Marvel has a lot of ties throughout the Marvel comic book landscape. She’s how Rogue gets the ability to fly, they used to call her Ms. Marvel, which is where Kamala Khan gets her name from, and the name Captain Marvel hasn’t always belonged to Ms. Carol Danvers. That’s right; at one point in time, Monica Rambeau not only used the name, but she was even an Avenger. There’s a whole thing about how she ended up giving the title back to this one guy but to be honest, there’s really no point in talking about something that won’t even be a possibility for another fifteen years. The point of all of this is, Monica Rambeau eventually becomes Photon.

So who exactly is Photon, and how does she connect to the MCU? Her origins are a classic tale. She was just a girl working for the New Orleans harbor patrol when some jerk hit her with an energy disruptor weapon. Now, with the ability to transform into, and I quote,” any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum,” she fights crime, and based on what we’ve seen from the latest Wandavision trailer, might be working for SWORD. Don’t worry; I’ll explain who they are next week.

In the comics, though, instead of teaming with SWORD, she becomes an Avenger. There are also times in her life when she gets involved with a character named Brother Voodoo (the possible baddie for Doctor Strange 2) and another when she is recruited by Black Panther to fight vampires. Remember when they announced Blade was coming to the MCU? It feels like it happened ten years ago, but it definitely happened. My point with bringing up all of this is that the character has range. She fits in with so much that Marvel has planned in the future.

The future can wait, though, because I want to talk about what she might be doing in Wandavision. According to IMDB, she’s in all six episodes, and from her brief appearance in the trailer, someone or something throws her out of whatever this alternate reality that Scarlet Witch has created. Because Rambeau isn’t a household name, I think that Wandavision is a great way to introduce the character and the character’s origins to the MCU. We’ve seen that Marvel isn’t afraid to play around with the origins of a character as long as they still end up where they need to be. With that said, what if that’s how Photon gets her powers changes slightly? What if Scarlet Witch is responsible for her powers? Someone with enough strength hurled Monica out of this alternate reality but appears to have done it with only enough force to kick her out rather than kill her. While I think this is a fun idea, we are looking at 6 hours of content. Nothing is stopping Marvel from dedicating an entire episode to introducing the world to Monica Rambeau. With that, we could learn everything we need to know. We could see the little girl from Captain Marvel grow into the badass she is today.

So what do you think? Is Photon just a cute tie-in from a previous Marvel movie, or do you think her inclusion into the show will lead to something even bigger? She’s lead the Avengers before. Could we see it again, only this time on the Big Screen… assuming we ever get to go to the movies again? Let me know what you think!

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  1. Here you go. Monica Rambeau is the daughter of Maria Rambeau. She befriended Carol Danvers, a friend of her mother, and refused to believe the reports that Danvers had died in a mysterious plane crash. Monica was amazed and happy when Danvers returned six years later with considerable abilities and convinced her own mother to join Danvers in a mission to help Talos to save the Skrulls. Before the mission, Monica helped Danvers to choose the colors of her outfit which she would later on use as Captain Marvel.


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