A Horror Classic You’ve Never Heard of

While the planet was in the midst of chaos, a horror film creeped out from the darkness. With a run time of only an hour, Host uses every frame to deliver an experience that you’ll be talking about for days. With an atmosphere layered with uncertainty, director Rob Savage attempts to cut through the thick air with slashes of violence that will leave any audience member speechless.

Continuing in the footsteps of movies like Unfriended and, well, Unfriended 2, Host is set entirely on a Zoom call. The night starts innocently enough as a group of friends, stuck inside their homes because of COVID-19, all jump on a call to have a fun night together. The planned event for the night: a sĂ©ance. Well, since demons and ghosts don’t have to worry about social distancing, I’m sure you can imagine what happens next. With likable characters, great scares, and an in-and-out run time, Host is hands down the perfect Halloween movie of 2020. So why haven’t you heard of it?

Shudder is yet another streaming service lost at sea, just waiting for anyone to drive by and discover it. If you’re someone that loves horror movies, I’m sure you’ve heard it advertised on your favorite podcast just in time for David Pumpkins’ favorite month of the year. For most people out there, though, they’ve never heard of Shudder, and while I appreciate what the service provides, it’s got a lot of issues. With no stand-alone app on the PS4, the only way I could even access the service was through an add-on through Amazon Prime, a service that’s already in desperate need of an overhaul. The problems get even bigger, though, once I’m finally able to see their list of movies. While they have a great selection of classic horror films, because there’s no way, that I know of at least, to watch the trailers of the newer movies they have, I end up having to do homework when all I want to do is spend my night watching a scary movie. Because of this hassle, audiences never got the chance to discover Host as they should have.

While I’m hopeful that Host was a success for Shudder, I can’t help but think how big of a pop-culture moment this would have been if it was on Netflix or Hulu. While we may have lost out on all of the potentially great memes that would have come from everyone watching this movie, it doesn’t mean Host still can’t be enjoyed as the instant horror classic its become.

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  1. This movie transcends genres in a really good way that made it feel very fresh and different. I thought it was just subtle enough with its themes that they added depth to the story without overtaking it or getting too heavy handed.

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