Holiday Sales?!?! Playstation Store, What are You Up to?

Another Tuesday is here and that means we’ve got new games added to the big Holiday sale happening over on the PSN. While I won’t be mentioning everything that’s on sale, similar to the last time I talk about the Holiday sale, I will be mentioning some of the games I think people should check out, if they haven’t already.

Mad Max ($9.99)


I have always loved the Mad Max movie franchise, so when a game was announced I was incredibly excited. I can’t lie though. I was worried at first because historically, licensed games are usually awful. Thankfully though, Mad Max delivered in every way in every way I had hoped. Whether you’re a fan of the films or just someone looking for a really fun open world action game where you get to blow a lot of stuff up, Mad Max is for you. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


The Witness ($9.99)


While I never finished The Witness, I can tell you that Johnathan Blow, the man who brought us Braid, is responsible for yet another beautifully created game that many would call a masterpiece. As I said, I didn’t finish it (mostly because I’m dumb) but even as someone who doesn’t typically seek out puzzle games, I enjoyed my time with The Witness. If you’re looking for something that will keep you thinking and will definitely stick with you for a long time, The Witness is for you.

Infamous Second Son ($9.99)


One of the first games I ever played on the PS4 and even after all this time, it’s still one of my favorites. If you’re not familiar with the Infamous series, it’s essentially a super hero game where you decide if you’re the hero or ultimately the villain. Infamous Second Son, the third title in the franchise, allows players new to the series to jump in by playing as a new hero which is great if you’re not familiar with the series, like I was when I first played this game. More important than the story though, Second Son is just a cool game. Traversing around Seattle using some really spectacular super powers not only feels great but you look good in the process. Infamous Second Son is still one of the best PS4 exclusives out there, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, now is a perfect time.

Final Thoughts

Well, what do you think? This, of course, isn’t everything. There’s Bloodborne, Diablo 3, Dark Souls 3, The Last Guardian, and so much more. Of the three I mentioned though, are you interested in picking up one of these titles? Maybe you’ve already played them and plan on picking up something else though. If so, what? I’m always looking for suggestions for what I should play next. So feel free to leave a comment either down below or over on the Facebook page.

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