The Best Games and Deals on The PSN for 1/30/18 PlayStation Store, What are You Up To???

Every Tuesday I cover all the new releases and sales happening on the PSN and unless my calendar is broken that time has come… kind of. The good at people at PlayStation, when they’re not busy replacing their dead hamster that keeps the PSN up and running, are nice enough to notice that most of us spent all the money this past week on Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Seriously though, can we talk about the network being down off and on all weekend? PlayStation, two of the biggest games of the year are coming out on the same day, maybe attach the network to two hamster wheels instead of just one. Just a thought. Anyways, for the people in the world that have already saved the universe from a sexy robot and have somehow hunted down all the monsters, IT’S TIME FOR SOME GAMES!!!

EA Sports UFC 3 ($59.99)

I’ve talked about this game before and finally, I can just enjoy it. UFC 3 appears to be delivering on all the greatness that was UFC 2 while fixing a few of its flaws. As seen in the trailer above, UFC 3 will try its best to give fans of the series what they’ve wanted for years, a great career mode. And based on all of the gameplay videos I’ve seen for the game which have shown off how fantastic the revamped combat system is if the career mode can deliver, I feel safe in saying we’re going to be talking about UFC 3 as one of the best sports games of 2018.

Railway Empire ($59.99)

Do you like city simulators? Do you like train simulators? Then boy do I have a game for you! Railway Empire, based off of the trailer, really seems to really be delivering on that missing Railroad Tycoon series while also delivering on a graphical style that reminds me of one of my favorite games Cities: Skyline. While the price might be a bit too high for me, this is certainly something I will keep on my wishlist for a rainy day.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT ($59.99)

It feels like I have heard about this game for years now and finally, it’s out. So, just what is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? Well, in the gameplay style of Power Stone and Dragon Ball XenoverseDissidia puts everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy characters into a 3D open-arena fighting game where they battle for the fate of the universe. While I’m personally not a big fan of this style of fighter, the idea of playing as Final Fantasy 9 hero Zidane and going up against Sephiroth is a pretty cool idea.

Celeste ($19.99)

Remember when I said that the people at PlayStation were gonna go easy on our wallets this week? Now that I’m looking at this list, my calculations might have been just slightly off. Now, Celeste did come out last week but I overlooked it because of the big releases and apparently this game needs to be mentioned. IGN’s first 10 of the year, Celeste, to simplify what it appears to be, is a mix of Shovel Knight‘s intense platforming and Oxenfree‘s incredible level of storytelling. It seems like a lot of folks missed out on this one last week and based on these review scores, it seems like Celeste is one game that no one should be missing out on.

Games on Sale!!!

I know. I said there weren’t a lot of games coming out this week and then I showed off four brand new games. On top of that, it’s time for the games that are on sale. Thankfully, at least for your wallet’s sake, there aren’t that many titles on sale.

This is The Police ($6.59)

I have seen this game floating around the PSN for a while now, but for whatever reason, I’ve never looked into it. After watching the trailer, I now regret never having picked this game up. A police management game where players take control of the Cheif of Police as he’s about to enter retirement. Players are in charge of sending the right cops out on specific jobs to make sure the crime is being handled the way it’s supposed to, dealing with the corrupt mayor, and trying to make sure that you keep any bad press out of the paper while doing all of it. I’m always interested in an indie game that brings something unique to the table and based on this trailer, unique is this game’s middle name.

Fallout 4 ($20.09)

The game that so many of us played when it came out in 2015 is now on sale for a pretty decent price. While I’m sure most of you reading this already played Fallout 4, I have to imagine that there are some that never got around to it because it became such a divisive game after its release. Me personally, I loved it. Yes, I had to look past a few flaws but roaming around the wasteland ready to blow up anything that charged at me was just as fun as it was when I played Fallout 3. Oh and by the way, if you already own Fallout 4 don’t worry. It looks like most of the DLC is about half off, so if you never got around to find out what’s going on at Far Harbor or Nuka-World, now seems to be the time.


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