The Best Games and Deals on The PSN for 2/06/18 PlayStation Store, What are You Up To???

Every Tuesday I do my best to let the people know about not only the new releases coming to the PSN but also any interesting games that’s gone on sale. It’s time to get your wallets out people because it’s time ask, PlayStation Store, what are you up to???

Dandara ($11.99)

An indie, Metroidvania style game that puts players in the role of Dandara. Who is Dandara? I’m glad you asked! Dandara was a hero who, and I quote, “Dominated the techniques of capoeira and fought many battles alongside men and women to defend Palmares, the place where escaped slaves would go to live safely.” She’s basically Harriet Tubman if Harriet Tubman knew karate. I don’t know which I’m more excited about, this game, which looks pretty cool or learning more about the real-life Dandara. Either way, the early part of this year has been flooded with really great indie titles and based on the trailer Dandara seems to yet another title we can add to that list.

Shadow of The Colossus ($39.99)

Some say it’s one of the greatest games of all-time, that it’s one the most influential titles to ever grace the industry, and no, I’m not talking about Indigo Prophecy, I’m talking about Shadow of The Colossus. Sure, maybe this game is starting to have its Skyrim moment where it constantly is rereleased and sure, maybe Shadow of The Colossus has been released just as many times as developer Team Ico has released a game. That’s three for those of you keep score at home. Honestly though, who cares? They say Shadow is one of the greatest games to ever be released and they say that for good reason. Whether it’s the incredible art direction, fantastic music, or completely original game design, around every corner this game has is something truly magical to find. If by some chance you haven’t had the opportunity to play this classic, please, I beg you, give it a chance.


The PSN is pretty awful when it comes to how often it’s down BUT at least Sony makes up for it with some pretty nice deals. Well, most weeks. I’m not saying the deals this week aren’t “pretty nice,” but I don’t really know if they’re the type of deal that you’d take home to Mom either. I’m just kidding. The only thing really going on in deals this week is a Ubisoft sale.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

For years, fans have begged and begged for Ubisoft to make an Assassin’s Creed that takes place in Japan and on top of that, they also begged for better controls and just more all around fun gameplay. Well, just like the great John Lennon said, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Sure, we’re in Egypt, but you know what, Egypt is awesome! It’s got pyramids, the aliens that helped build the pyramids, I’m pretty sure there’s a stargate hidden somewhere over too, and it has lots of sand and who doesn’t love sand? After all the Egypt stuff there’s that whole, “it’s the most fun Assassin’s game in years,” thing with new controls, a leveling up system, and more. If you’re like me and haven’t cared about this series since Brotherhood (the one with the boat was okay too, I guess) then it sounds like Origins is the game for you.

Watch Dogs 2 ($19.79)

Remember when Ubisoft revealed the first Watch Dogs game and we all crapped our pants because thought it looked like the greatest and coolest thing ever? Then do you remember when it came out and it turned out to be pretty mediocre and then we all looked like fools for having crapped ourselves? Well, apparently Ubisoft realized that they had messed up and when making Watch Dogs 2 decided to do the opposite of everything they had done in the original. From what I remember, the results were pretty positive all around. So if you’re in the mood for a 3rd person open world action game that has a sense of humor, Watch Dogs 2 is your game.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands ($19.79)

Is hunting monsters in an ancient forest for hours on end so you can turn their skin into armor just not for you but you’re still interested in finding a fun co-op experience? Well, allow me to introduce you to this perfectly nice stranger that I just met. Wildlands is yet another classic Ubisoft title that seemed to sell awful numbers at launch but then over the following year as Ubisoft continued releasing content for the game, quickly became one of the biggest selling games on the market. Seriously, if you’re Bethesda who, unfortunately, can only sell games if they have the word Elder Scrolls or Fallout in the title, must be looking over at Ubisoft wondering what they’re doing wrong. So what is Wildlands? Well, I brought up Monster Hunter for a reason and that’s because in that game you’re hunting literal monsters while in Wildlands you’re hunting drug lords that sell drugs to little kids. If those aren’t monsters, then I don’t know what are. From everything I’ve ever seen about Wildlands, it honestly looks like a great game. It unfortunately just always seems to come out at the wrong time for me and I’m never able to pick it up. Hopefully, this is the right time for you and your friends so that you can pick it up and start shooting some drug dealers.

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