Possible Alternate Costumes for Johnny Cage

The latest Mortal Kombat 11 fighter reveal confirms the obvious. Johnny Cage, everyone’s favorite fictional Hollywood actor is making his way onto the set of the next MK game. Johnny has always been one of my favorites and with the reveal that players will be able to customize the look of their MK 11 fighters with different costumes, I’m starting to realize that there’s a chance I’m going to be out of all the money once I’m finished with Mortal Kombat 11.

For those of you unaware, in the Mortal Kombat lore, Johnny Cage is an actor turned savior of the Earth and while I’m more than happy to see Johnny’s story continue on in the next MK installment, I’m honestly more interested in Johnny’s past, and between the story of MK 11 once again delving into time travel and the alternate costumes option, if developer NetherRealm knows what they’re doing (and I believe they do) I’m gonna spend a lot of money buying alternate costumes for my favorite fake actor.

See, NetherRealm is owned by Warner Brothers and WB owns… well, a lot. From Batman to HBO, Warner Brothers has their hands in a lot of soup. That’s a saying, right? Either way, let’s do a quick rundown of all the roles that Johnny Cage has potentially starred in.


While we did see Sub-Zero crossover into Injustice 2, the reality is we’re never going to see DC characters appear in a game that would allow for players to decapitate Batman or Wonder Woman, but maybe, just maybe Johnny Cage dressed up as the mild-mannered reporter could be a possible tradeoff. I also really love the idea of Johnny Cage trying to claim he fights for truth and justice.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and Johnny Cage have a lot in common. Harry fought a snake, Johnny fought Reptile. Potter wears glasses, Cage wears glasses. The similarities are endless, but the most important one is that they both are the chosen ones that saved the world disaster. Besides, don’t act like it wouldn’t be hilarious to see Johnny Cage dressed up as a school boy.


While going through Warner Brothers’ catalog of movies I actually started coming across characters that I thought would make for great DLC and even though Neo fits perfectly in that category, I just don’t think NetherRealm is going to be able to get Keanu Reeves to sign off on them using his likeness.

Jackson Maine

Whether its Arnold in Maggie, Bruce Willis in The 6th Sense, or Stallone in Stop or My Mom will Shoot, it seems like every action hero eventually does at least one drama in hopes of earning the critics respect. I’d like to imagine that in the world of Mortal Kombat, Johnny Cage decided that it was time for the old ways to die and for his serious role would be none other than Jackson Maine from A Star is Born. In all seriousness, the minute I realized WB owned the rights to this, I suddenly never wanted anything more in my life. Could you imagine Jackson Maine punching Scorpion’s head off? Thankfully, from what I hear, Ed Boone is a huge A Star is Born fan, so I think this one is definitely going to happen.

Well, this is without a doubt the dumbest thing I’ve ever written on this site. If somehow you made it through the entire thing, let me know in the comments what costumes you’d like to see Johnny Cage rocking.

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